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Contact Information

946 Deedra Ave
Pensacola, FL - 32514
Candidate's Statement

Elect Tom Harrell for School Board Distict 5

Tom is a strong christian conservative who believes in...

God, family, country and the least government involvement as possible

Lower taxes

Parental rights

Hello, my name is Tom Harrell, and I am running for School Board District 5. Many of you will remember me from my days as a teacher at Ransom Middle School, principal at Escambia Westgate School, and principal at R. C. Lipscomb Elementary. I have had the opportunity to teach and administer schools that put me in a position to impact the lives of thousands of students. I love being a teacher and school administrator. During the coming weeks, I hope to get to know as many District 5 voters as possible. Also, I hope you will get to know me and where I stand on the issues. Those who already know me will tell you that I have one guiding principle—CHILDREN FIRST IN ALL DECISIONS.

Listening to the voice of voters, parents, and teachers:

Tom will…

  •  Always put children first in the decision-making process.
  •  Be a positive and proactive member of the School Board. I will listen to the                 community’s  concerns and make sure your voice in District 5 is heard.
  •  Work with the superintendent and other board members to provide                         the resources necessary to improve our students’ test scores.
  •  Not vote to raise your taxes.
  •  Visit schools on a regular basis talking to principals, teachers,                                      and community members.
  •  Return your phone calls and emails.
  •  Be a strong Christian conservative voice for the people of District 5.


My wonderful wife (Joyce) and I have lived in District 5 since 1976. We both are retired from the Escambia School District. My wife was a school secretary and data clerk. We have three children and seven grandchildren. We love spending time with our family. All our children attended school in District 5 (L. D. McArthur, R. C. Lipscomb, Ransom Middle and Tate High). Our grandchildren attend Tate High School, Molino ParkElemmentary, and R. C. Lipscomb Elementary.  Our son, Steve Harrell is the Director of Workforce Education for the School District and our daughter, Lisa Nelson is a teacher at Molino Park Elementary School.

We are an educational family!


  •  Prior to becoming a teacher, I owned and operated my own business.
  •  Internship at Washington High School
  •  Teacher at Ransom Middle School
  •  Assistant Principal at Brentwood Middle School
  •  Principal at Escambia Westgate School
  •  Principal at R. C. Lipscomb Elementary
  •  Math Coach at Bellview Elementary
  •  District Administrator on Special Assignment
  •  Adjunct instructor at Pensacola Junior College
  •  Principal at Capstone Academy
  •  Selected for the first principal pool in Escambia School District
  •  Retired from the Escambia School District after 35 years of service.
  •  20 years of experience managing large budgets.
  •  Managed large groups of employees where I had the opportunity to hire                     hundreds of employees.

 When I was a District Administrator on Special Assignment, I developed the plan and provided the leadership that moved O. J. Semmes Elementary School from a double "F" to a "C" in seven months. I had to do a report for the State Board of Education each month and met with the Deputy Commissioner for the State of Florida each month to go over the progress we were making at Semmes.

 My experience includes general ed, workforce education, ESE, and ranges from elementary   through community college.


  • B. S. degree in education from the University of West Florida
  • M. S. degree in educational administration from Troy State University
  • Ed. Spec. degree in educational leadership from University of                                    South Alabama


  • Principal of the Year for the Escambia School District
  • Recognized twice by the Escambia School Board for outstanding service.
  • Master teacher status by the State of Florida
  • Teacher of the Year for Ransom Middle School
  • Paul Harris Fellow—Cantonment Rotary Club 


  • Lifetime member of the PTA
  • NRA

Former member

  • National Association of Elementary School Principals
  • Florida Association of Elementary School Principal
  • Escambia Association of Administrators in Education
  • Cantonment Rotary Club
  • President of Methodist Men's Richard's Memorial 
  • Solutia Community Advisory Committee


  • Five Star School Award for ten straight years at                                                         R. C. Lipscomb Elementary. (This was the highest award                                     given by the Florida Dept. of Education.)
  • 100% parent and faculty PTA membership during Tom’s                                          time at R. C. Lipscomb  Elementary.
  •  Forty-seven community partners-in-education at R. C. Lipscomb Elementary.
  •  23,654 volunteer hours at R. C. Lipscomb Elementary Tom’s last year.








Note: The candidate's photograph and statement are supplied by the candidate and are not endorsed by the County Supervisor of Elections or checked for accuracy.
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