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Contact Information

3919 Hendricks Lane
Molino, FL - 32577
Candidate's Statement

My name is Scott Taylor, and I would like the opportunity to earn your vote for Escambia County School Board, District 5.

I am a native of Pensacola, who grew up in a working-class home in Brownsville. I attended both Brownsville Middle and Pensacola High Schools, before graduating from Pensacola Catholic High in 1992. I am currently a full-time employee as a Transportation Manager for a local non-profit organization. I am a former CDL Driver for Gulf Atlantic Constructors, Inc. in Pensacola, and have the full support of the owner, managers, and staff in this endeavor. I am also an online student at Southern New Hampshire University, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, and a fully inducted member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. It is anticipated that I will graduate Cum Laude, in May 2024. My wife and I reside in Molino with our 3 children. 

I have been witness to the failed policies enacted by this school district for years. From being a student within it, and having to transfer to a private school in order to receive a quality education, to being a parent with children in school in my own district. As a student, I struggled to make passing grades and when I would ask for help or tutoring, it was never there. However, gifted and excelling students always had that help available, and it is still that way today.

Why is that?

Why have the policies of the Escambia County School System been created in such a manner that it leaves struggling students and schools behind?

And we as parents wonder why our schools are failing. Why are our children our failing?

I would argue that perhaps the answer lies within the old-school policies that have been kept and held onto for so long. I would further argue that those old-school policies are the holdouts of a failed methodology and ideology whose time has long since passed.

I believe it is time for a new approach to educating our children. If children cannot learn the way teachers are mandated to teach, then as a School Board, we need to seek out some flexibility for teachers to teach these children the way THEY Learn!

I believe that parents have not only the right but the responsibility to be as involved in their children's education as possible. From being involved in PTA, or your child's school SAC Committee to electing a representative to the School Board who listens to the people, gets involved with the schools and the educators, and wants what is best for every child, no matter who they are. 

I believe that indoctrination; regardless of its source, is both morally wrong and completely unnecessary in public schools. As parents, we send our children to school to be educated in the fundamental basics that will provide them with the best possible outcome for a successful future. We do not send our children to be indoctrinated in Woke Ideology, Gender Ideology, Religious Ideology, or Racial Ideology. I do not believe that ANY of This belongs in our classrooms! Leave the teachings that belong at home...At Home!

Can I do ANY of this alone? 

Absolutely Not!

If elected, I would be but only one member of a 5 member board. However, My Guarantee to You, The People, is that if I am elected, I will work each and every day to represent your needs and concerns and the needs and concerns of our educators, schools, and support staff; in order to provide the best possible education for our children. They Deserve Better!

It's time for Less Talk and More Action!

Please Consider for Election, Scott Taylor for Escambia County School Board, District 5




Find me also on X (Formerly Twitter), Instagram and TikTok at Taylor4District5.


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