Precincts of Broward County

The locations listed here are the normal polling locations for elections. Some elections may have a different polling location than what is shown here. To confirm your voting location for a specific election, use the Voter Information Lookup on this website.

Precinct A001

Precinct A002

Precinct A003

Precinct A004

Precinct A005

Precinct A006

Precinct A007

Precinct A008

Precinct A009

Precinct A010

Precinct A011

Precinct A012

Precinct A013

Precinct A014

Precinct A015

Precinct A016

Precinct B001

Precinct B002

Precinct C001

Charlotte J. Burrie Community (Civic) Center

Precinct C002

Precinct C003

Precinct C004

Precinct C005

Precinct C006

Precinct C007

Precinct C008

Charlotte J. Burrie Community (Civic) Center

Precinct C009

Precinct C010

Precinct C011

Precinct C012

Precinct C013

Precinct C014

Precinct C015

Precinct C016

Precinct C017

Precinct C018

Precinct C019

Precinct C020

Precinct C021

Precinct C022

Precinct D001

Precinct D002

Precinct D003

Precinct D004

North Andrews Gardens Elementary School

Precinct D005

Precinct D006

Precinct D007

Precinct D008

Precinct D009

Precinct D010

Precinct E001

Precinct E002

Precinct E003

Precinct E004

Precinct E005

Precinct E006

Precinct E007

Precinct E008

Precinct E009

Precinct E010

Precinct E011

Precinct E012

Precinct E013

Precinct E014

Precinct E015

Precinct E016

Precinct E017

Precinct F001

Precinct F002

Precinct F003

Precinct F004

Precinct F005

Precinct F006

Precinct F007

Precinct F008

Precinct F009

Precinct G001

Precinct G002

Precinct G003

Precinct G004

Precinct G005

Precinct G006

Precinct G007

Precinct G008

Precinct G009

Precinct G010

Precinct H001

Precinct H002

Precinct H003

Precinct H004

Precinct H005

Precinct H006

Precinct H007

Precinct J001

Precinct J002

Precinct J003

Precinct J004

Precinct J005

Precinct J006

Precinct J007

Forsythe Colony Sect. 16 Clubhouse

Precinct J008

Precinct J009

Precinct J010

Precinct J011

Precinct J012

Precinct J013

Precinct K001

Precinct K002

Lauderdale Lakes Educational and Cultural Center

Precinct K003

Precinct K004

Precinct K005

Precinct K006

Precinct K007

Precinct K008

Precinct L001

Precinct L002

Precinct L003

Precinct L004

Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary School

Precinct L005

Precinct L006

Precinct L007

Precinct L008

Precinct L009

Precinct L010

Precinct M001

Precinct M002

Precinct M003

Precinct M004

Precinct M005

Precinct M006

Precinct M007

Precinct M008

Precinct M009

Precinct M010

Precinct M011

Precinct M012

Precinct M013

Precinct M014

Precinct M015

Precinct M016

Precinct M017

Precinct M018

Precinct N001

Precinct N002

Precinct N003

Precinct N004

Precinct N005

Precinct N006

Precinct N007

Precinct N008

Precinct N009

Precinct N010

Precinct N011

Precinct N012

Precinct N013

Precinct N014

Precinct N015

Precinct N016

Precinct P001

Precinct P002

Precinct Q010

Precinct Q020

Precinct Q030

Precinct Q031

Precinct Q032

Precinct Q040

Precinct Q041

Precinct Q042

Precinct Q043

Precinct Q050

Precinct Q051

Precinct Q060

Precinct Q061

Precinct Q062

Precinct Q063

Precinct Q064

Precinct Q065

Precinct Q066

Precinct Q067

Precinct Q068

Precinct Q080

Precinct Q081

Precinct Q082

Precinct Q090

Precinct Q091

Precinct Q092

Precinct Q093

Precinct R001

Precinct R002

Precinct R003

Precinct R004

Precinct R005

Precinct R006

Precinct R007

Precinct R008

Precinct R009

Precinct R010

Precinct R011

Precinct R012

Precinct R013

Precinct R014

Precinct R015

Precinct R016

Precinct R017

Precinct R018

Precinct R019

Precinct R020

Precinct R021

Precinct R022

Precinct R023

Precinct R024

Precinct R025

Precinct R026

Ft. Lauderdale 7th Day Adventist Church

Precinct R027

Precinct R028

Precinct R029

Dayspring International Church of the Nazarene

Precinct R030

Precinct R031

Precinct R032

Precinct R033

Precinct R034

Precinct R035

Precinct R036

Precinct R037

Precinct R038

Precinct R039

Precinct R040

Precinct R041

Precinct R042

Precinct R043

Precinct R044

Precinct R045

Precinct R046

Precinct R047

Precinct S001

Precinct S002

Precinct S003

Precinct S004

Precinct S005

Precinct T001

Precinct T002

Precinct T003

Precinct T004

Precinct T005

Boys & Girls Club (Rick & Rita Case Club)

Precinct T006

Boys & Girls Club (Rick & Rita Case Club)

Precinct T007

Boys & Girls Club (Rick & Rita Case Club)

Precinct T008

Precinct T009

Precinct T010

Precinct T011

Precinct T012

Precinct T013

Tree Tops Park (Oak Ridge Auditorium)

Precinct T014

Precinct T015

Precinct T016

Precinct T017

Precinct T018

Precinct T019

Precinct T020

Precinct T021

Precinct T022

Ivanhoe Fire Station Community Room

Precinct T023

Precinct T024

Precinct U001

Precinct U002

Precinct U003

Precinct U004

Precinct U005

Precinct U006

Precinct U007

Precinct U008

Precinct V001

Precinct V002

Precinct V003

Precinct V004

Precinct V005

Precinct V006

Precinct V007

Precinct V008

Precinct V009

Precinct V010

Precinct V011

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center

Precinct V012

Precinct V013

Precinct V014

Precinct V015

Precinct V016

Precinct V017

Precinct V018

Precinct V019

Precinct V020

Precinct V021

Precinct V022

Precinct V023

Precinct V024

Precinct V025

Precinct V026

Precinct V027

Precinct V028

Precinct V029

Precinct W001

Vernon E. Hargray Youth Enrichment Center

Precinct W002

Precinct W003

Precinct W004

Precinct W005

Precinct W006

Precinct W007

Precinct W008

Precinct W009

Precinct W010

Precinct W011

Precinct W012

Precinct W013

Precinct W014

Precinct W015

Precinct W016

Precinct W017

Precinct W018

Precinct W019

Precinct X001

Precinct X002

Precinct X003

Precinct X004

Precinct X005

Precinct X006

Precinct X007

Precinct X008

Precinct X009

Precinct X010

Precinct X011

Precinct X012

Precinct X013

Precinct X014

Precinct X015

Precinct X016

Precinct X017

Precinct X018

Precinct X019

Precinct X020

Precinct X021

Precinct X022

Precinct X023

Precinct X024

Precinct X025

Precinct X026

Precinct X027

Precinct X028

Precinct X029

Precinct Y001

Precinct Y002

Precinct Y003

Precinct Y004

Precinct Y005

Precinct Z001

Precinct Z002

Precinct Z003

Precinct Z004

Precinct Z073