Campaign Treasurer's Report – Itemized Contributions

Seq# Date Contributor Entity Occupation Cont. Type Amend Amount
Total Contributions

Campaign Treasurer's Report – In-Kind Contributions

Seq# Date Contributor Entity Occupation In-Kind Description Amend Amount
Becky Raulerson
15053 SW 94th Circle
Lake Butler, FL 32054
to Themselves
UF -Lecturer
Red, white, and blue glow bracelets to pass out at local fireworks show
Total In-Kind Contributions

Campaign Treasurer's Report – Itemized Expenditures

Seq# Date Vendor Purpose Exp. Type Amend Amount
GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC
14455 N. Hayden Road, Ste. 219
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Website Domain name, hosting, and associated e-mail address
Total Expenditures

Campaign Treasurer's Report – Fund Transfers

Seq# Date Institution Transfer Type Nature of Account Amend Amount

Campaign Treasurer's Report – Distributions

Seq# Date Vendor Purpose Expenditure Related Exp. Amend Amount