Campaign Treasurer's Report – Itemized Contributions

Seq# Date Contributor Entity Occupation Cont. Type Amend Amount
Total Contributions

Campaign Treasurer's Report – In-Kind Contributions

Seq# Date Contributor Entity Occupation In-Kind Description Amend Amount
Total In-Kind Contributions

Campaign Treasurer's Report – Itemized Expenditures

Seq# Date Vendor Purpose Exp. Type Amend Amount
Truist Bank Truist Bank
8226 N. Wickham Road
Melbourne, FL 32940
Bank service charge
Kimberly Musselman Musselman
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
Bldg. D.
Viera, Fl 32940
Loan repayment to candidate
Disposition of Funds
Total Expenditures

Campaign Treasurer's Report – Fund Transfers

Seq# Date Institution Transfer Type Nature of Account Amend Amount

Campaign Treasurer's Report – Distributions

Seq# Date Vendor Purpose Expenditure Related Exp. Amend Amount