James Melo
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7400 Cleveland Dr
Punta Gorda, FL - 33982
Candidate's Statement

Jim was born and raised in New Jersey. He graduated high school in 1975. He attended College and was assistant manager of a hardware store. He joined the U.S. Army in 1977. He remained in the Army until 1990 and was Honorably Discharged due to a serious injury. Jim served with the 1st Infantry and 3rd Armored Divisions. He attended any and all schools that were offered to him. He was a graduate from Basic & Advanced Non-commissioned Officers Courses, Instructor Trainer Course, Drill Sergeant Academy, and The Department Of Defense Equal Opportunity Institute to name a few. He also attended Central Texas College studying Criminal Justice. His leadership experience ranges over 12 years serving in positions as Team Leader, Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Drill Sergeant, Platoon Leader, and Company First Sergeant. Jim joined the Charlotte County Sheriff\'s Office in 1991. Beginning as a Deputy he progressed through the ranks to Captain. In 1992 he was Officer of the Year for the Charlotte County Sheriff\'s Office. He was recognized for stopping two escape attempts while working in the jail. Jim completed the Florida Jail Inspectors Course, Jail Inspectors Instructor course, Accreditation Managers Course, Classification Management Course, National Institute of Corrections, Use of Force Instructors Course, and graduated from the Southern Police Institute (SPI), University Of Louisville. While Acting Jail Commander Jim was credited by the Sheriff for saving the office about one-third of a million dollars. The Sheriff also stated; \" High morale and a spirit of teamwork and team building has returned to the jail\". While serving as Jail Administrator he was publicly recognized for saving over $500,000 dollars during construction of the new jail. He was known as Captain Cost Cutter and Captain Budget Crunch. His motto\'s were \"Do more with less\", and \"Do something with nothing\". With over 20 years of Leadership experience and half of those at Command levels he has the experience needed to take the Sheriff\'s Office into our challenging future. Jim was terminated from the Charlotte County Sheriff\'s Office as a Captain after a disagreement with the Clement administration in 2003. The administration did not agree with Jims leadership style. He applied many of the leadership fundamentals and traits he was taught in the military and applied them in his law enforcement career. These traits and fundamentals were applauded by the past administration which gained him respect, admiration, and promotion. However they were not welcomed by the Clement administration. Jim his wife Sandy and daughter Jaimie reside in Punta Gorda. Jim manages the towing services for Cleveland Auto Body in Punta Gorda. This is the community that they choose to settle and raise their family. Even after Jim departed from the Charlotte County Sheriff\'s Office he remained here and continued to support Charlotte County. Jim decided to run for Sheriff because he feels it is time for a change! He believes the change has to start with him. That is why he has decided to run his campaign donation free. Traditionally campaigns require enormous amounts of money. Monies that are donated by everyday tax payers. With today’s economy Jim found it very difficult to ask for funds to run a campaign to secure his job. He will not accept any donations. Donations will be cordially returned to the sender. Again Jim feels change must begin with him by setting the example of financial responsibility. When he took charge of the Charlotte County Jail he approached his mission with the same exact approach that he is with his campaign. He learned how to do more with less, and then taught others to so the same. He identified overstaffing, wasteful spending, and procedures that were unnecessary and very costly. Take the extra step, give a little more effort, use a little more care, and save a lot in the end was his stepping stones to success. As your Sheriff he will ensure your Sheriff\'s Office is run with financial responsibility. The team approach will be utilized to identify waste, overspending, and overstaffing. At the same time ensuring that our Deputies are properly trained, supplied, and PAID. There will be CHANGE! Jim will take the politics out of this office because he is not a politician. He has over 20 years of leadership experience and Jim is a leader. He believes in setting the example and is willing to work beside his people. He will wear a uniform to work and be available to his personnel on a daily basis. He will have a real open door policy not one that is just on paper. Jim will be part of the agency, the entire agency. He will do jail tours, spend time in communications, go to the districts, and get out in the public regularly. He will take full responsibility for the agency and the actions of its members. In closing, Jim said, “ He will be your SHERIFF not a politician”. www.meloforsheriff.com
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