Kenneth C DeVries
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33421 Serene Dr
Punta Gorda, FL - 33982
Candidate's Statement

Ken DeVries was born in Harvey, IL and came to Charlotte County with his parents and brothers in 1974. Ken has remained in Charlotte County ever since. His brothers, Kevin and Kirk, have also spent their lives living and working in Charlotte County. Kevin is retired from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. Kirk is retired from the local U.S. Postal Service. Ken and his brothers are graduates of Charlotte High School. Ken’s mother, Phyllis DeVries is retired from the Charlotte County Public School system. Ken resides in Punta Gorda with his wife, Colleen (Casey.) They have two sons, Kenny and Kyle. Ken also has two grown daughters, Kristin and Kendice. Kristin, her husband, and their infant son live in Charlotte County. Kristin is a teacher at Sallie Jones Elementary. Kendice is currently attending college in Gainesville. Ken’s wife, Colleen, is a registered nurse and has been employed at Peace River Regional Medical Center for almost 25 years in both the emergency department and operating room. Upon graduating Charlotte High School in 1977, Ken joined the Punta Gorda Police Auxiliary at age 18. He was hired as a full-time patrolman by the Punta Gorda Police Department the following summer. In 1981, Ken was hired as a road patrol deputy with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. During Ken’s 19 years of Charlotte County law enforcement experience, he has served in both the uniform patrol division and the detective division. Having had the opportunity to work in all areas of Charlotte County, including, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Ken is familiar with your neighborhood! Most of Ken’s career was spent in supervisory positions up to the rank of sergeant. Throughout his career, Ken received professional and supervisory training through the Southwest Florida Criminal Justice Academy and The University of Louisville Southern Police Institute. Ken also has an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Edison Community College. His professional training and formal education balance out his years of on-the-job experience. Ken DeVries decided to run for the elected position of Charlotte County Sheriff at the end of 2007, after encouragement from numerous supporters. His hope is that voters will look “outside the box” when it comes to choosing their sheriff. Long resumes and time served are all great assets to a candidate, but these things by themselves do not automatically make a good decision-maker or leader! Ken believes that in both the national and the local government level, we are at a point in time where we need to begin considering a candidate’s heart first. Only then, if the heart is right, will the plan fall into place! Too many politicians and other leaders today forget that the power and authority bestowed upon them by the voters is supposed to be used to benefit and serve their constituency. It is not to be used for control and self-serving purposes. Ken knows how to exercise authority with wisdom and caution. He is a team-player who believes that a leader must both listen to others and serve by example. An elected office is not an entitlement, but a privilege that must be earned. Ken knows that responsibility starts with accountability, and “the buck stops here.” The higher goal of leading the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is to pursue excellence, not perfectionism. Ken will encourage his staff to work toward the common goal of serving the residents of Charlotte County with dignity, honesty, fairness, fiscal responsibility, and common sense. He believes that influencing others begins with serving others! Ken knows that being a “Public Servant” means “serving the public,” not promoting a personal agenda. As sheriff, Ken wants to improve customer service by putting the needs of our community first. Yet, despite campaigning for the top law enforcement position in the county, Ken knows that if he is the only one that advances and he is the only one to benefit, then he has missed the true calling of leadership. His pledge to you is to stay focused on customer service, to never lose sight of the purpose of public office, to seek wisdom in all his decisions, and to ensure fairness to all his constituents. By seeking the office of Charlotte County Sheriff as a “No Party Affiliation” candidate, Ken believes that the sheriff should not have an obligation to any one political party. As an N.P.A. candidate, Ken wants to remove some of the “politics as usual” from the sheriff’s office and be equally representative of all people and political parties! Ken believes that by keeping focus on the simple concept of improving customer service, he can restore the concept of \"public servant\" and have an impact on reducing crime and increasing public safety in our county. If you are ready for a true change in leadership, vote for Ken DeVries for Charlotte County Sheriff.
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