Ben Carroll
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Contact Information

3027 U.S. Hwy 17
Fleming Island, FL - 32003
Candidate's Statement

Ben Carroll recently retired from the Clay County Sheriff's Office following 37 years in law enforcement.

He started his career in 1979 with City of Albany Police Department in Georgia and later moved to Florida joining Altamonte Springs Police Department where he spent the next 14 years in the Special Operations Bureau achieving the rank of Lieutenant where he developed several nationally known programs.

In 1994 CSX Railroad Police employed Ben Carroll as a Special Agent and he moved to Clay County, Florida, to create their federally mandated - National Emergency Operations Center, which is still presently active today in Jacksonville, Florida. Ben has been called to Washington DC on several occasions as a subject matter expert, and authored or co-authored several national publications. He has appeared on local television networks as a subject matter expert to provide commentary during critical active shooter events.

In 1999 the city of Tavares hired Ben Carroll as their Chief of Police, and in 2001 he moved back to Clay County and became the Emergency Management Director for the Clay County Sheriff's Office. Over the next 14 years he served with the S.W.A.T. team and Director of the Sheriff's Office- Emergency Management Unit. Ben coordinated the agencies development of the Incident Command System in five hazard specific areas of: Tactical Operations, Natural Disasters, Civil Unrest, Catastrophic Events, and Terrorism. He was directly responsible for the grant acquisition of the armored Bearcat and the new Mobile Command Center. 

Ben Carroll is an accomplished grant writer and holds a Master's Degree from Barry University in Public Administration where he is currently an Adjunct-Professor in their School of Public Administration, teaching Ethics, Finance, Human Resource Management, and other various subjects. 

Ben also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Leo University and Police Certifications in both Georgia and Florida. Additionally, Ben has over 14 years and 3500 hours of advanced tactical training and many certifications to include: Firearms Instructor, Instructor Techniques, Command Post Operations, Rappel Master, Advanced CBRNE Tactical Operations, and Instructor in Chemical Munitions, Less Lethal Munitions, Distractions Devices, and countless Incident Command (ICS) and NIMS certifications. He has trained with elements of the Navy SEALs, Army Rangers and Delta, and members of the Israeli Yaman, the Special Forces element for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Churches and Schools of all sizes benefit from the Guardian Program Ministry Ben Carroll developed and coordinates which develops safety and security polices, as well as institutes and trains their security teams in firearms and self-defense tactics.

Currently, Ben Carroll is the Co-Director of the non-profit corporation, Ground Operations Development, or (G.O.D.), which trains S.W.A.T. teams and Police Executives across the Southeast of the United States. 



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