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Candidate's Statement

Hi Voters of Washington County!


I am Ashlynn (Casey) Marquez.  I am running for the Washington County School District Board Seat 1. Because some of you may not know me, I want to tell y'all a little bit about me, my background, and my connections to this

beautiful county. I am wife,mother of 3 children, and a local business owner of Styling Station Salon and Spa. I have been a cosmetologist and self employed for over 21 years. 


My grandparents are all folks from this area that you probably already 

know.  My Grand-daddy and Mimi ,Eddie

and Jo Davis owned the Chuck Wagon in Chipley for many years.  They opened it when I was 3 years old and

sold it well after I became an adult. To say I grew up in that restaurant would

be an accurate description. 


Because I spent so much time there, by the time I was about 7, there was not one job that I didn’t know how to do, or learned on the fly, to help “run” the restaurant. I continued to work and learn the business until I could actually work and get paid. Those days were long and the nights were busy, especially when groups of entire baseball teams would show up at right at closing (about 9 pm)! Most of the staff, including me, would roll our eyes when they came in and ask if they could still eat. My Grand-daddy would jump in and say “How many y’all got? Come on in!”

We would push tables together, take their orders, fire up the grills, and you better  do it with a smile. 


Working in the service industry for so long, and from such a young age, I

watched and learned how to treat people. I also got to know the people of this community

(I probably took your order before I could write) and I learned how much I

loved the people of this community. I also learned at a young age that I don’t

like sitting around when there are things to be done. In fact, that’s now one

of my biggest pet peeves!  


I have taken the service rules I learned into my own business as a local

business owner.   I transitioned into the hair business naturally,

as my grand-mommy, mom, and aunt were all hairdressers. When I wasn’t in the restaurant,

I was in the salon.  What I noticed is

that no matter what services were provided, success is found when you follow a

few simple rules: be nice to people, care about what they want, listen to their needs, and do your best to help them.


I've spent my whole life wanting to serve in some way and I have a desire to be around the people of this community, be nice, care, listen, and do my best to solve your problems. I never have all the answers,But I love more than anything working to find the answers and create solutions

to help folks I meet along the way. 


I want to help this county by serving on the school board so that I can help you, your

kids, and ultimately this community.  I would love to see those kids who are little today,

look back and appreciate their connections to this county the way I do.


Goals -


Respecting a parent’s fundamental right to make decisions regarding the upbringing of their children.


 Supporting educators while they undertake the daunting task of informing the next generation.


 Ensuring secure and safe educational facilities for our children and staff.


Ensuring transparency of curriculum.


Encouraging children and community members to further their education through Florida Panhandle Technical College and Chipola College.

Note: The candidate's photograph and statement are supplied by the candidate and are not endorsed by the County Supervisor of Elections or checked for accuracy.
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