Tico Salgado
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Contact Information

740 N Quebrada St.
Clewiston, FL - 33440
Candidate's Statement

Tico Salgado is a family man and has been married for 22 years to his wife Ana. They have 3 children, ages 21, 17, and 13 and have also taken in 3 others. Both Tico and Ana have worked most of their lives in Glades County and their younger children attend Moore Haven schools. Tico is currently serving on the Moore Haven Middle High School’s advisory board and enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering his time to assist those in need, and barbecuing. Being a family man has instilled strong values that he brings to every role he undertakes. 

Tico began his Law Enforcement career right here in Glades County, has over 2,600 hours of specialized and advanced training, and is certified in both law enforcement and corrections. With nearly two decades of Law Enforcement experience, he has been part of a team safeguarding Glades County by responding to calls and solving its problems.

His first post at the Glades County Sheriff’s office was a civilian post as a booking clerk. He was responsible for and successful in inputting the information from the arrest report, including charges, into the system with complete accuracy. 

Once in the new facility off SR 78 E, his flexible and adaptable approach enabled him to contribute to projects in diverse areas, which allowed him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the facilities layout and operations.

In Classifications, he oversaw ensuring that all Inmates (County, U.S Marshalls, and Immigration detainees) were at their proper custody levels.

When assigned to the front desk, he was entrusted with maintaining a secure environment by managing check-ins, monitoring inmate video and in person visitations, conducting regular security patrols of the buildings and grounds, and verifying identification and authorized access to prevent potential contraband entry.

During his post in Recreation, he ensured the safety and well-being of inmates during their designated outdoor time by maintaining vigilance to prevent altercations and unauthorized access or escape attempts. 

Being in the Control Room, he kept an accurate and updated log of all movement in and out of the pods as well as random inmate count to ensure all inmates were always accounted for. 

While being stationed in Confinement, he was responsible for the continuous observation and assessment of high-risk inmates to prevent potential incidents or harm to themselves or others.

While working in the maintenance department, Tico oversaw all aspects of building and grounds upkeep and preventative maintenance. His proactive approach ensured the facility consistently passed annual inspections with flying colors, reflecting responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

Tico was also a member of C.E.R.T (Certified Emergency Response Team). He actively participated in the ongoing training and Physical Agility Test, demonstrating his dedication to professional development.

He was later promoted to Corrections Sergeant where he was tasked with supervising a mixed team of 18, that included Civilian employees and Correctional Officers. Here, he championed training initiatives to equip staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct professional and compliant intake and release procedures. 

He later completed the crossover training from Corrections to Law Enforcement where Tico was presented with the Andrew Widman Award for Academic Excellence. He was tasked with many things like traffic control, warrant executions, domestic disturbances, civil process, etc... where he was able to gain valuable insights into the needs and concerns of the community, strengthening his ability to serve effectively. 

Tico soon became a Road Patrol Field Training Officer. His mission was to instill in rookie deputies the necessary skills, judgement, and professionalism to confidently and effectively contribute to the safety and security of our communities.

Tico has been able to gather valuable information and initiate preliminary investigations all from his strong community engagement and trust-building. His proactive approach in information gathering provided a strong foundation and facilitated seamless handovers to detectives for any further investigations proving his ability to effectively collaborate with all parties involved.

The other 2 and ½ years of the nearly two decades of Law Enforcement experience that Tico has, were more recently spent working at the Clewiston Police Department. He served as a field training officer and became a Sergeant after just 6 months of being hired. He donated all his free time to work alongside the Chief in remodeling the entire police department and animal control facility. 

Tico is the definition of a public servant and as you can see, he has the necessary skills and hands-on experience needed to be your Sheriff. He is well qualified, energetic, enthusiastic, and has a fresh perspective to lead the Sheriff’s Department with a hands-on approach. Thank you for your continued support!


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