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Contact Information

1173 Southside Rd SW
Moore Haven, FL - 33471
(863) 673-4862
Candidate's Statement

Curtis Clay has a calling to public service. After graduating from Labelle High School, he joined the United States Navy. When he returned from the Navy, he worked as a citrus inspector volunteering at LaBelle Fire Department. Curtis left his job as a citrus inspector, took a position at Hendry Correctional Institution, and completed the Florida Correctional Officer Academy.
After leaving Hendry Correctional, Curtis took a job at the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office.  While at the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office, he continued to pursue improvement and education, so he took the cross-over academy from corrections to law enforcement.  At the Hendry County Sheriff's Office, Curtis reached the rank of Sergeant before a change in Sheriff caused him to take a position at the Clewiston Police Department.  At the Clewiston Police Department, Curtis supervised the agency's criminal investigations and training divisions.  
Curtis returned to the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office in 2018. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant, overseeing the criminal investigations and training divisions until July of 2022 when he took his current position as the Hendry County School District School Safety and security administrator.  During much of this time, Curtis also taught criminal Justice at Clewiston High School and then LaBelle High School while working on his education and leadership skills.  He has lived in Hendry and Glades County his entire life, with approximately 30 of those years as a Glades County resident.  Curtis has over 27 years in law enforcement and is still employed Part-Time with the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office as a trainer.  Curtis has spent most of his law enforcement career as a leader and administrator, working in every area of public service.  
Curtis is a certified correctional officer and a certified law enforcement officer.  This training and experience are important because the Galdes County Sheriff is responsible for protecting and serving the citizens of Glades County and running the Jail.    
Curtis is recognized as a School Resource Officer Practitioner and a Crime Prevention through environmental design Practitioner through the State Attorney General’s Office.  This training and experience are important to citizens of Glades County because keeping our children safe is the top priority.  Keeping our community safe should be a collaboration between the citizens and the Sheriff’s Department. Curits had the skills to help the local businesses and citizens better prepare to prevent crime in the area.  
Curits is an adjunct instructor for the State Attorney General’s Office. An E-911 telecommunication instructor recognized subject matter expert with the Department of Law-enforcement for the School Resource Officer curriculum, electronic control devices, and 911 telecommunications.  Curtis has the skills and experience to help train the deputies that come to work for Glades County Sheriff’s Office, improving their skills, building a stronger foundation for the agency to grow, and giving the citizens the best service possible.  
Curtis holds a bachelor’s degree in Crisis emergency disaster management. Graduating Cum Laude. And a Master of Arts degree in criminal justice management and law enforcement administration, graduating with honors.    

Curtis attended and completed the Hendry Glades Leadership program.  

Curtis is still an active Sigma Delta Pi Criminal Justice Honor Society member.  He is the Chairman of the Hendry County Wrestling club and still assists in coaching at the club and with the LaBelle High Schools wrestling program.  

Curtis is married to Debbie, the community improvement division supervisor for the City of Clewiston. Curtis and Debbie have five children, Darrin, Dana, Victoria, Curtis JR, and Bethany.  They have ten Grandchildren, seven of them living in Glades County. Since Sheriff Stuart Whiddon left office, Curtis has desired to be the Glades County Sheriff and will continue to work towards that goal.  Thank you for your support.  

Note: The candidate's photograph and statement are supplied by the candidate and are not endorsed by the County Supervisor of Elections or checked for accuracy.
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