Patrick O. Ingle
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PO Box 142814
Gainesville, FL - 32614
Candidate's Statement

My name is Patrick Ingle and I am running for the Gainesville City Commissioner At-Large Seat B. I am a father and an engineer. I am your neighbor. For too long we have lived with the status  quo. For too long we have been satisfied with “good enough” when greatness has always been  within our reach. It’s time for a change. The time for rhetoric has long passed. The time for action  is upon us. We can move this community forward as a force of togetherness, united in our goals to  make Gainesville a better place for every constituent. A place that can serve as a  model community unhampered by political divisiveness or socio-economic prejudice. A place that  we can be proud to call our home.

As a Gainesville resident, I have experienced first-hand the deficiency of basic services, the  lack of attention to our most vulnerable citizens and the non-solutions-based thinking from our city  leadership. As a father of two, my appreciation for what citizens around me do not have is both  heart-breaking and unacceptable. We need to do better.

I am an engineer both by education and experience. I studied under brilliant minds at both Miami  Dade College and Florida International University. I was mentored by software prodigies in the  early days of IBM. I am wired to solve problems and I have been schooled to find solutions.  Software development requires a structured and orderly approach to problem solving. It requires a  keen sense of understanding and anticipation in order to most efficiently and effectively get to  t the root of the issues. This is the type of forward thinking and practical experience that I can and  will bring to the office of Gainesville City Commissioner.

Effective leaders are good listeners. I will take the time to really understand your interests and your  concerns, because a good leader must do more than just listen. A good leader must hear. I  will not just open my ears to your concerns, I will open my heart and my mind. And I will fight for  every resident of the City of Gainesville regardless of your race, religion, socio-economic status or  gender. As your elected official, I owe that to you.

I will bring a measure of accountability and transparency to this position. These are critical factors  in order to develop a level of open trust in your government officials and a true belief in your  governmental policies. The call for transparency is not a fad that will fade with time. More than  ever before, voters are demanding their leaders be open and honest about their political and  p personal agendas. I pledge to bring this level of decency and reliability to Gainesville City Hall. I am optimistic about our future, but I will plan for every contingency so that our citizens can be assured that they are getting the very best from this elected position. I recognize the need for  sound and stable leadership that will unite our community and form a cornerstone for the  foundation of safe neighborhoods and local business growth.

I recognize that in a democracy the people rule. Elected officials represent the people’s best  interests in every political, economic and social aspect of their elected position. And I greatly I look forward to serving you as City Commissioner.

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