Anthony Johnson
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  • 22M5 6/10/2022
  • 22P1 6/24/2022

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2606 SE 18th Ave
Gainesville, FL - 32641
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People who have followed County Government over the last five years know Anthony Johnson as the poster child of public comment.  I believe the public should hold the people they elect accountable; which means they have a right to participate in the decision making process.


Anthony has an extensive background in technology and has pointed out several important facts to the BoCC on how to save money using technology. Anthony understands the different facets of government and that the best way to achieve good governance is to be able to find the right balance.

Anthony has been described as a 'budget hawk'; a label that he is not ashamed of.  He believes it is imperative that government get the business side right; that's why Anthony is running. Alachua County government is in a situation where the demand for revenue is out-pacing revenue intake. The only reasonable way forward is to manage well what little revenue the county has and live to fight another day. Without better revenue management, the current zero sum game budget management practices will continue to divide this county.

Anthony feels the business/technology side of County Government is woefully inadequate. Technology is supposed to lead to a culture of greater efficiency.  Alachua County government has not achieved the proper level of efficiency and the county's budget choices reflect that.

Anthony does not believe the county can regressively tax its way to better revenue management.

Anthony's experience in the corporate world, as well as his own business ventures, required vision, which is what he has tirelessly tried to impart to the BoCC as a member of the public. 

Anthony was the youngest African American to apply for and be granted and FCC license. He invested in a cell phone tower where he leased space for Trunk Radio System operators and cellular communication providers.  Anthony objected strongly to the county entering into a horrible deal with GRU_COMM for Trunk Radio service; Anthony's experience and good business sense saved the county millions of dollars. 

Anthony knows the value of Opensource licensing and how corporations and governments worldwide are benefiting from it, and would like for Alachua County to benefit as well.

As a landlord, Anthony understands the issues surrounding housing from both the landlord and the tenant perspective.
Anthony has presented several documents to the BoCC on environmental issues like Construction and Demolition waste, as well as the characteristics of the Floridan Aquifer and how it affects the water in Alachua County.

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