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2716 NW 21st Street
Gainesville, FL - 32605
Candidate's Statement


An innovative leader with demonstrated organizational, strategic, and communication skills.  Accomplishments include: 

  1. The buyout of the above market biomass contract (nominated as the Deal of the Year in 2017), resulting in approximately $1 billion of savings.
  2. Leading a regional water/wastewater utility through the acquisition of a larger city utility and merging the entire region's water supply network, keeping it out of private enterprise's hands.
  3. Spearheading the turnaround of a struggling startup power project and achieving investment-grade status.



2015 to 2022 - General Manager of GRU

2012 to 2015 - Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer of Lehigh County Authority

2000 to 2012 - General Manager of Panther Creek Partners

1992 to 2000 - Chief Financial Officer of Panther Creek Partners

1990 to 1992 - Corporate Controller - RE Michel Company, Inc.

1984 to 1990- Corporate Controller - Williams Mobile Offices


Saint Joseph's University - Executive MBA

Loyola College - BA in Accounting

State of Maryland - CPA 1979


I am married to Melinda, an artist and a four-year survivor of pancreatic cancer.  We have two children, Jonathon and David, whose significant others include Lindsay and Angelina.  Jonathon and Lindsay have blessed us with two,grandchildren, Bennett and Marlowe.  

I was raised as an only child by Mary and Ed Bielarski in the small community of Wilson Point, Maryland.  My mom passed away in 1998, while my dad was with me until 2017.  I feel their presence and strength everyday.


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