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Contact Information

1001 SE 163rd St
Hawthore, FL - 32640
Candidate's Statement

I am Van Elmore. I am a native to Alachua County. I grew up in the Hawthorne area. I have watched over the years as growth and jobs have been driven to the west side of Alachua County. Our roads are in terrible concition and our Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS are under funded  and staffed. Business development east of Waldo Road is almost not existant. While all of these problems are happening our taxes continue to rise. Our believe that with the right leadership we can turn these problems around. I am focused on correcting some of these problems. We need to improve our roads, even if it means moving money from other areas of the budget. We need to give incentives to help increase business east of Waldo Rd. There are areas in eastern Alachua that we need to increase street lights and cross walks. Our citizens safety should be the priority of the Commisioners.  This is what I want changed. I want our citizens safe and able to drive on raods that area in drivable conditions. 

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