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Contact Information

PO Box 6175
Gainesville, FL - 32627
Candidate's Statement


My name is Jason Stanford and I’m running for the Alachua County Commission. I’m running because I love Alachua County and want it to remain a great place to live and work for ALL of us. I was born, raised, and educated in Alachua County, so I know the influence and responsibility our community has to lead the region as we navigate the many changes that our society is experiencing right now.

This will require proven leadership and a working knowledge of local government. I have spent the last 20+ years in public service at the local, state, and federal levels, delivering services to at-risk youth, managing county, and state public health grants, and providing budgeting and policy guidance for state-level public health emergency programs at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). I know how good local government can improve the lives of the community. Because of this, I believe that I am uniquely qualified to serve as your next county commissioner.

Like you, I want Alachua County to thrive. Because of the pandemic, our national economy is already struggling. We must ensure our local economy remains sound as the nation recovers. Because of my years of federal experience delivering grants and contracts to state and local governments, I know how to leverage resources for our community at the state and federal levels. I see value in collaboration and pledge to work with municipalities to build the capacity and resiliency of our local businesses to help them through these uncertain times. 

As a local teacher and Guardian ad Litem in the region, I’ve become concerned that our young people are not prepared for the economic challenges and social responsibility facing Alachua County in the near future. I believe it is the whole community that must address these issues, including county government. I pledge to work with the school board and local leaders to ensure our local students are safe, prepared, and employable in our community. 

Lastly, our water is part of what makes our community so desirable. We must protect our rivers, lakes, and springs from the increasing overconsumption, pollution from nitrates, and poorly planned development. I will stand strong for smart environmental policies that protect our water and other natural resources. 

If you believe in my message, then I need your vote on August 18th.

Thank you for being an informed voter and always participating in our political process.



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