Wendy Sapp
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Contact Information

PO Box 5451
Gainesville, FL - 32627
Candidate's Statement

                                             "EXPERIENCE THAT MATTERS"

Wendy Sapp is a native of Alachua County and has worked in the Property Appraiser's Office for over 18 years. Wendy currently works as the Tax Roll Compliance Coordinator and understands that the most important thing the office does is produce a tax roll that is fair and equitable for all. She started with the Property Appraiser's Office in 2001 and has held progressively higher positions with added responsibility for the last 18 years.

Wendy holds an active Certified Florida Evaluator Certificate through the Florida Department of Revenue and has obtained the higher Assessment Administration Specialist(AAS) designation through the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) Organization. Wendy currently serves as the Vice President of the Florida Chapter of IAAO and is recognized as a professional in the field of mass appraisal. Ms. Sapp developed the on-line appeal application for the Alachua County Property Appraiser's Office and is a published writer on the subject. Within the Property Appraiser's Office Ms. Sapp is a key staff member in the Truth in Millage(TRIM) process, the Tax Roll Certification process and the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) process. She is one of the few employees from within the office that understands the process needed to successfully complete a tax roll submission to the Florida Department of Revenue. She voluntarily gives presentations to the community and has been involved with the ACCESS program for 15 years.

Ms. Sapp holds an AS in Computer Information Technology from Santa Fe College in Gainesville. Her diverse knowledge of appraisal administration, and technology makes her highly qualified to hold the position of Property Appraiser.

"As your Property Appraiser I will have an open door policy that allows all property owners to come and talk to me personally about concerns with their values or exemptions. I will treat ALL property owners consistently and fairly!"

For more information please visit www.wendysapp.com




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