Bill H Clark
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Contact Information

1240 Lambert Ave
Flagler Beach, Fl - 32136
Candidate's Statement

              Elect Bill Clark, MSA, for Flagler County Commissioner District 3, 2004

The main reason I decided to run for county commissioner is because I am concerned about the direction Flagler County is moving with its large developments and the oversight process to ensure responsible and sustainable growth. 


I lived in Winter Park, Florida in the 1980s. It was a beautiful city with a good balance of amenities, housing, and employment. Traffic was managable and there were still many forests and open space areas that supported an abundant of wildlife.

Sadly, that is all gone, the trees were cut down and replaced by apartment buildings, large box stores, mails, shopping centers and Toll Roads to tie it together. The ecosystem that once accommodated an abundant amount of wildlife was wiped-out. In my opinion, it was over developed to the extreme, with very little emphasis put on preserving the “Old Florida” that so many of us love and moved here for. Most everyone I knew moved.

We purchased our home in Flagler Beach in 2010. My wife and I picked Flagler because it still represented that “Old Florida” demeaner. It was a small town with minimal congestion. They have a moratorium that you cannot build over 3-stories beach side.There were several nice parks and protected open space areas, and I loved the fact that there were still hundreds of acres of undeveloped land that beautified the area even further. However, that is now being compromised.

Should I have the privilege of representing the people of Flagler County I would:

1.     Preserve “old Florida” through Responsible Growth: We can learn from other responsible communities around the country that have passed polices to facilitate responsible growth and preserve the precious beauty Florida has to offer.

o   Open Space Areas for developments: to preserve part of the cosystem and give the wildlife a place to escape while providing a better quality of life for residents.

o   Select Cutting: Every tree supports many types of wildlife, from nests to providing food sources, including shade, a premium in Florida.

o   Encourage recycling and wood chipping vs burning:  Many people I have talked with in the community have expressed concerns about the air quality caused from large developments burning excess debris.

o   Lot size considerations and density and infrastructure impact studies

o   Facilitate county and private land purchase for conservation.


2.     NO tax increases through responsible government oversight

3.     Keep Flagler County Safe - support our police and first responders

4.     Small business incentives before large box stores

5.     Listen to the people – and all points of view

6.     I will be a full time County Commissioner

7.     Home Rule:  Self-governance at a local level

8.     Push State legislators for policies to reduce flood and home insurance

9.     Conservative American Values

I will be working as a full-time commissioner to find ways to protect what we all love about Florida and Flagler County – to preserve and protect Flagler County’s natural landscapes, wetlands, estuaries and beaches to create protected areas for future generations.  I’ll work to promote the preservation of mature trees through select cutting, limiting mass burning, prevent pollutants and other harmful practices.  Let’s promote responsible growth by retaining the quality of life for all citizens and future generations in Flagler County.  

Professional Experience and Organizations

Throughout the years I have had the privilege to successfully manage several large businesses and work forces. 


DePaul University

Masters of Science in Accountancy (MSA) 

Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Business/Finance 


Memberships and Organizations (Past and Present)

DePaul University Alumni

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Honorary Member Sheriffs Association 

Flagler County Citizens Observation Patrol (COP) Volunteer         

Conservation/Wildlife Organizations

Save the Manatee Club                          

American PRAIRIE

The Humane Society #P7925929           

National Wildlife Federation Action Fund

Sierra Club FF880662105                       

The Nature Conservancy Membership #8173488 

Ocean Conservancy                               


Please help get the word out.  If you can help with any amount, please make checks payable to:

William Clark Campaign

1240 Lambert Ave, Flagler Beach, FL 32136

Florida Law contribution guidelines:  

All contributions require name and address.  For donations over $100, please include occupation.

Florida law allows for up to $1,000 per individual or business

Contact information:      Cell: 312-813-0041


Paid for by Bill Clark, Republican for County Commissioner District 3





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