Kevin Luhrs
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  • M6 7/11/2022

Contact Information

5455 Verna Blvd., #61464
Jacksonville, FL - 32236
Candidate's Statement

Kevin Luhrs was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He is a lifelong resident of the Riverside neighborhood and was raised by a strong single mother. He attended Riverside High School and Douglas Anderson School of the Arts before dropping out and passing the GED exam, gaining admission a month later to the University of North Florida and graduating with a B.A. in Political Science in Spring 2022. He currently works at a healthcare technology company in a remote sales position and will attend the Master of Public Administration program at UNF during his campaign, specializing in Local Government Policy & Administration. 

He jokes that while he wasn’t the first in his family to graduate with a GED, he was the first in his family to graduate from a university. During his senior year at UNF, he worked nearly full-time while taking a full course load and campaigning in the Student Government Senate elections, garnering 438 votes and winning election to the chamber. While serving as Senator, he always put the welfare of the student body above his own self-interest, fiercely advocating for over $50,000 in club funding for travel and projects, promoting the professional development of the student body. 

Kevin’s path hasn’t been easy, but throughout it all, he has maintained a determination to fight for the interests of Jacksonville’s working people. He will never be bought by special interests and corporations. He’s ready to serve the working people of Jacksonville, and hopes he can count on your support on March 21, 2023!

For any inquiries, please email! Additionally, you can find him on Twitter & Instagram at @luhrsforjax. 

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