Matthew Carlucci
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Contact Information

1532 Alexandria Pl. S.
Jacksonville, FL - 32207
Candidate's Statement

Matthew “Matt” Carlucci is a proud Jacksonville native with a deep love for the city that three generations of his family have called home. He has served on the Jacksonville City Council for 14 years, 3 times elected at-large, which allows him to hear from a diverse cross section of residents spanning the entire city. In 1981, Carlucci established himself in Jacksonville’s local business community as the founder and owner of the Matthew F. Carlucci Insurance Agency on Hendricks Avenue.

Matt was the first Councilman and most outspoken to fight against the privatization and sell-off of JEA. Matt led the efforts while bringing the community together to create our 1st office on Resiliency, plus the hiring of our first Chief Resiliency Officer. Matt co-chaired the highly successful campaign for better public schools. Matt’s leadership initiative funded the completion of the Emerald Trail for every generation to experience.

Experienced in both public service and private practice, Carlucci has keen insight into leveraging resources to see change happen. His honesty and unbending ethics have earned him the reputation of being a straight shooter and an achiever always having the best interest of Jacksonville at heart. In 1992 Carlucci authored and oversaw legislation that created the Jacksonville Ethics Commission which serves as a local body to hear potential ethical issues that may arise in local government as well as provide yearly ethics trainings.

On the State level, Carlucci was Chairman of the Florida Commission on Ethics, appointed by Gov. Rick Scott. During that year, Jacksonville Republicans and Democrats jointly commended the Governor’s choice:

Mayor John Delaney (R) said “Matt is the perfect person for this position, he’s absolutely square, but he’s not judgmental.” ––John Delaney

Sheriff Nat Glover (D) said “If I made a list of the most ethical people I know, Matt Carlucci would be one of the people at the top of the list.” ––Nat Glover

Crediting his father, the late Senator Joe Carlucci, Matt said “I learned the value of ethics from my father at an early age and was devoted whole heartedly to following a strong moral compass throughout my life in public service. It’s a compass that governs my decisions, actions and votes on behalf of the people I serve.” ––Matt Carlucci
Carlucci is skilled at pulling people together and as mayor he will put public input at the forefront of his administration. With transparency in all he does, he desires to unite our city through bottom up government and servant leadership.

Most recently his work in establishing $132,000,000 in funding to complete our Emerald Trail is an addition to his legacy of improving and serving all generations. “The Emerald Trail is for everybody and I am very pleased to assist Groundwork Jax in greatly enhancing our city” said Carlucci. This nationally recognized centerpiece connecting neighborhoods through a stunning trail system linking 16 schools, 2 colleges, 21 parks, and destinations like restaurants, retail and businesses, encourages healthy lifestyles for all ages including biking, walking, running and skating throughout the 30 miles looping Jacksonville’s Northside, Riverside, and Southbank in the most pristine scenic nature and riverfront access this generation has ever seen.

Carlucci and his wife, Karen, have been married for 43 years and can be found catching up at the end of the day on the back porch of their San Marco residence. Carlucci is very close with his two sons, Matthew Carlucci Jr. and Joe Carlucci II, and delights in his grandchildren, Matthew F. Carlucci III (age 7), Lilly Kate Carlucci age 5, Joseph A. Carlucci III (age 4), plus the most recent little one, Jack Carlucci.

Growing up locally, Matt Carlucci attended Hendricks Avenue Elementary, which has seen three generations of Carlucci’s in attendance. After graduating from The Bolles School he went on to The University of North Florida where he earned a degree in Education specializing in Physiology and Kinesiology.

When he is not at his State Farm Insurance office or in a City Council meeting, Carlucci enjoys reading, fishing, and traveling with his family. He is a longtime member of Southpoint Community Church and attends services regularly.

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