Robert Edward Barnes
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222 Grand Reserve Dr.
Bunnell, FL - 32110
Candidate's Statement

To the residents of Bunnell:


I was appointed to a vacant seat on the Bunnell City Commission in July of 2021. Since then I have worked hard to understand the many complex issues facing our city. I have been focused on finding solutions for the city’s problems and preparing for our future growth while maintaining Bunnell’s small town feel and insuring it remains an affordable place to live.


There is no doubt there will be major growth in our city over the next few years. A large developer has recently purchased 800 acres for a future residential development. Plans to complete Commerce Parkway will open the door for significant commercial and business development. Preparing for that growth is one of our biggest challenges. We don’t have the infrastructure to support that right now. The city is seeking funds for a new sewer plant and has done some work at the water plant. But we need to do more to get ready for the future.


I consider myself a fiscal conservative. During my many years working at United Airlines I managed annual budgets of up to $56 Million and justified every penny of that spending. In my experience that’s not always the way government works. Our City Budget is tight and we will need to spend money to deal with the challenges ahead. But I pledge to you I will use my budget expertise to make sure there is no wasteful spending under my watch. Every budget item will be carefully scrutinized to keep local property taxes in check so our residents can afford to live here.


I support maintaining Bunnell’s Local Police Department and believe recent efforts to identify and correct problems in the department will help it function more efficiently. In the 1980s I worked as a police officer for two years and know what a challenging job it is. What I want is a local police department that is full service and focused on the needs of the people of Bunnell. We’re working on bringing the department up to what it needs to be and that is going to help the city in the long run.


There are many more issues I hope to tackle if I am elected. Dealing with our drug and crime problems, providing more recreation and employment opportunities for our young people, finding solutions for homelessness and affordable housing, and revitalizing our downtown area. I pledge to you that if elected I will work hard for every resident of the City of Bunnell, will always be available to listen to your concerns and will do my best to make Bunnell a safer and better place to live!


Professional and Personnel Background:


A native of Massachusetts I spent more than 45 years working in the Aviation Industry. Starting in 1975 as an airplane mechanic I rose thru the ranks to become a Manager of Aircraft Maintenance for several Major Airlines including Eastern, United and Pan American Airways.


In 2003 I left the Airline Industry to join the Federal Aviation Administration. I held several management positions involved in the certification of newly designed aircraft, helping manufacturers design maintenance procedures for new planes and supervising pilots who flight tested the aircraft. I also served as a Certified Aircraft Accident Investigator investigating 19 aircraft accidents over the course of my career.


I moved to Bunnell in 2018, purchasing a house in the Grand Reserve Subdivision. I was soon elected to a seat on the board of the Deer Run Community Development District, which oversees Grand Reserve. I resigned that position to accept appointment to the Bunnell City Commission.


I am a Christian and a long time member of the Masons. My wife of 48 years, Linda and have been blessed with two children and three grandchildren.

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