Ann Watts
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  • Q4 1/10/2024
  • Q1 4/10/2024
Candidate's Statement

Dear Baker County, 

I hold a deep love and appreciation for the rural county we live in and I believe you do, too. I love the people and our close-knit hometown life here. Our ability to come together when it's needed is one of many things that keeps our community strong and viable.  

In leadership, I believe in supporting policies that empower and uplift our community while preserving local values. I look forward to hearing from you on this journey. My door is open and I am listening for your concerns. 

Best regards, 

Ann Watts




Doctoral Candidate, University of South Florida 

Master of Education, University of North Florida

Bachelor of Arts in English, University of North Florida


Leadership Experience

30 years Baker County School District as school and district administrator in workforce development projects:

  • project and program oversight of district workforce training programs
  • managing federal and state budgets
  • evaluating personnel
  • facilitating professional development
  • establishing agency agreements and contracts
  • fostering business partnerships
  • grant writing and grant management


Professional Board Appointments

  • Baker County Land Planning Agency
  • FL DOE State Career & Technical Education Advisory Committee
  • FL DOE State Adult Ed Professional Development Advisory 
  • District Rep, NEFEC Regional STEM Advisory
  • FL International Trade & Logistics and Advanced Manufacturing Statewide Advisory 
  • Executive Board Member, Florida Adult & Technical Education Distance Education Consortium


Community Engagement Through Volunteering:

  • Baker County Little League
  • Baker County Juvenile Justice Council
  • Baker County Horse Association
  • UFIFAS Baker County Extension Master Gardner Project
  • Baker County Conservative Women's Network 

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