Allen Murphy
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Contact Information

7824 Cripple Creek Farm Rd.
Glen St Mary, FL - 32040
Candidate's Statement

My name is Allen Murphy and I desire to serve as Baker County Superintendent of Schools.  My goal is to continue to offer a quality education where children are safe, valued, and prepared to be the next generation of Baker County citizens.   I am married to Kelley Lynn (Crawford) and have three children Bryan, Samuel (Luisa), and Kailey, all graduates of the Baker County School District.  I am a Christian and serve in a leadership role in my local church.  Below is a list of my qualifications and experience that I believe have prepared me for service in the position of Superintendent of Schools.  

Proud graduate from Baker County High School 1986

Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sports Science- University of Florida

Masters of Science in Educational Leadership Walden- University


33+ years of service and experience in the Baker County School System.

Teacher at Baker County Middle School and Baker County High School 1990-2012 (Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Digital Information Technology, Gaming and Web Design)

Athletic  Coach Baker County Middle School and Baker County High School 1990-2012          (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field, Tennis, Softball)

Vice-Principal at Baker County Middle School 2012-2015 and Head Principal at Baker County High School 2015-2020 (First and only School Grade of “A” at Baker County High School)

District Educational Leader- (Executive Director of Teaching and Learning)  2020-2023

Currently serving as Associate Superintendent

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