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Contact Information

1906 Clatter Bridge Road
Ocala, Fl - 34471
Candidate's Statement

I was born in New York, and have called Ocala My home since 1991.  I have two sons and six wonderfull  grandchildren.  I am proud to have served in the United States Marine Corps,with active duty in Viet Nam from 1969 to 1970.  I have a strong commitment to my community having been involved in my successful business and civic affairs for most of my 30 year career in the Financial services Business.   

WI have been when it comes to the issues that reallymatter to the residents of the city of Ocala I have bee known to listen as I am not a politican.

I have a great admiration and understanding for our Figefighters having a son who is a currently a firefighter, I also share the same respect for all Law enforcement as other family members have chosen that career.  Getting them paid properly and respected is a high priority to help obtain community safety.  

My financial background will also be put to work to keep working for solutions to our electric utility issues. 

I will also work on the best interest of all city employees in their respective fields to help the City work for the good of the Citizens of the City of Ocala.  

Maintaing a good working relationship with the County commisioners is also a top priority.



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