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Lee County Resident since 2020 , who has a great passion and love for his community and striving to  keep Lee County and SWFL one of the most desirable places to live in the country.  Joseph has been working as a Doctor of Chiropractic for 20 years, managed a multi-care facility and have extensive volunteer work in the healthcare and community advocacy. His accomplishments have gained extensive knowledge in working as a healthcare physician, understanding clinical procedures and protocols , a leader in healthcare administration , fiscal management and patient communication.

After completing his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2004 , he went to further study for an MBA in Business Administration. Joseph combined his skills as a primary healthcare provider and Business Administration to successfully create a 2000sq ft multi-disciplinary facility servicing the community. Not only to serve as a Part-Time Chiropractor at this healthcare facility but also as a Clinic Director helping the other specialties in the case management of the patients who are in need of multi-care services.

Joseph then furthered HIS education in Hospital Procedures & Protocols and in Infection Control to become well versed as a Healthcare provider in the Hospital setting. His desire to get more involved in the hospital and clinical setting led him to  volunteer to work at a hospital where he was on call in the Emergency room to attend to patients who sustained soft-tissue injuries and acute fractures. In 2011,  he became  part of a group of Chiropractors who volunteered at Parkway Hospital in Rego Park, N.Y. to assist the Emergency Room Doctors and Staff in dealing with acute soft-tissue injuries and fractures. The Chiropractors on call were able to provide their expertise in musculoskeletal complaints to help better manage patients with injuries who were admitted to the hospital . His volunteer work with the Salvation Army and the Nassau County Medical Reserve Corps has helped him to learn how to service the community as a healthcare provider. As a result of his achievements, Joseph has mastered the healthcare needs of the community.

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