Paul Mucciolo
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NAME:  Paul Mucciolo 

AGE: 52 

CITY OF RESIDENCE:  Flagler Beach 

PROFESSION: Emergency Physician 

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE:  First-time candidate 

Top three priorities if I’m elected:  

  • Improving health and safety of students, teachers and staff 

  • Fostering culture which values diversity and inclusion 

  • Balancing teacher workload with compensation 


  1. Assessment of our school district now? 

Flagler County Schools does a good job, but good is not good enough.   

Although the district has an ‘A’ rating, we still have two ‘C’ rated schools.  Every child should have access to an ‘A’ rated school in their home zone. 

Under-resourced students struggle to access instruction and content when utilizing distance learning.  The pandemic exposed the need to provide more robust training for teachers and support staff utilizing online instructional platforms.  

Infighting and conflict cause disunity of the School Board and distract from Flagler Schools. A common, unifying vision is imperative to maintain focus and momentum within the district. 

  1. What would I emphasize to improve delivery of education to children in our district? 

Examine the organizational structure for opportunities to streamline, placing priority on personnel who have direct contact with students.  This good business practice ensures that resources align with student needs. 

Decisions made by the school board and district leadership should be informed, with input from students, parents, instructional and support staff, and district employees. Incorporate the concerns of our community that impact our Flagler families.  

While teachers and support staff make valiant efforts to provide ESE services, special needs students still lag their peers on achievement tests and graduation rates. The district should appropriately staff and support this department.  


3. What about my background and experience qualifies me to serve on the School Board? 

Participation in community and professional organizations has developed my leadership skills and instilled the importance of earning trust through consistency, dependability and integrity.   

I have no preconceived notions; I have the capacity to analyze large volumes of complex information; I can make difficult decisions.   

I have a vested interest—my two children are enrolled in Flagler Schools, and my son has multiple disabilities. 

I’d leverage my experience as a parent, executive-level leader and physician to bring Flagler Schools leadership into focus, starting with the school board. If I’m elected, there will be no half measures. 

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