Anna Handy
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PO Box 730083
Ormond Beach, FL - 32173
Candidate's Statement

Hardworking and Dedicated

  • A resident of the 7th Judicial Circuit since 2007, Anna worked her way through law school. Before becoming an attorney, she worked as a paralegal for seven years assisting more than a thousand local residents. After becoming an attorney, Anna Handy started her own private practice, representing clients in local state and federal courts. 

Committed to Preserving Judicial Independence

  • Anna Handy will decide cases fairly and impartially, and free from political interference. Anna Handy is committed to safeguarding our Constitution and following the law.   

Treats Everyone with Humility and Respect

  • Anna Handy is a mother, a wife, a small business owner, and the attorney. She is patient, kind, unbiased, and respectful of everyone. 

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