Kim M. Carney
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Contact Information

PO Box 1387
Flagler Beach, Fl - 32136
Candidate's Statement

I moved to Flagler County 20 years ago with a relocation of my husband Jim's job.  I am so happy a close friend and collegue helped us find Flagler County.  I spent many years studying to achieve several personal goals.  I have an MBA a BS in Medical Technology and an AD in Accounting.  I am also a Marine Corp Officer's wife and am happy to honor his 10 years of service. I have not made my career in the government.  I am a citizen, just like you, that has a voice in local issues and local decisions. I am a Republican and I support he principles of lower taxes, smaller government, fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, and traditional family values.

As a City Commissioner in Flagler Beach for the past 9 years I worked diligently to maintain Flagler Beach’s “old Florida charm” while preparing Flagler Beach for years to come. Flagler Beach needs strong representation that will protect the beachtown community while working with all other municipalities in the County. I am committed to Economic Development and defining what that means for Flagler County. I am committed to dealing with social issues that are plaguing our community.  I am about eliminating waste in government spending. I stand ready to serve District 3 and the entire county as we move toward making healthy, sound and productive choices for our community. 

As a County Commissioner I will

• Ask questions and obtain information needed to make the best decision the first time, no more moldy buildings like the former Sheriff's Operations building ($1,200,000 plus $7,000,000 to renovate) in Bunnell and the Sears building in Palm Coast.  Both decisions were made with incomplete information.  

• Approve a budget that is Budget Neutral, our millage rate is too high now! Higher taxes will  discourage people from buying homes and business here.

• Eliminate wasteful spending by researching and implementing cost cuts 

• Keep government small and look at all alternatives, I do not believe outsourcing is a bad word.  

• Be a leader of action and results  - my job is to meet the needs of my constituents…I take apropriate actions to get the job done! 

• Stay connected with my constituents - I do not see myself as an individual when I am on the dias I respect people that want to be heard.  I am timely with communication and search for a truthful response.

I ask for your support!  The District 3 election will be an open election.  With 2 republicans running for this seat the Primary on August 18th will determine the candidate for this seat!  I ask for your support. My contact information is:

386.846.5493 Cell phone  email   website

I have served or am serving on the following committees/boards

  • Flagler Beach City Commission March 2011 - March 2020, Chairman 2019-20, 2014-15
  • Flagler Beach Beach Management Plan Committee  2012-2014 and 2019-2020
  • Flagler Beach Investment Committee 2018 -  2020
  • Flagler Beach Economic Development Task Force 2008-2013
  • Friends of A1A  Board of Directors, past
  • Flagler Auditorium Past President 2016-17, Treasurer 2014-2016.  Board Member
  • Rotary Club of Flagler Beach Past President, Past Treasurer, Member
  • Rotary Club of Palm Coast Past President
  • Flagler Business Women Business Woman of the Year 2013
  • Flagler County Opioid Task Force January 2019 - present
  • Flagler Open Arms Recovery Services, Treasurer
  • Open Door Ministries, Under the Harvest Moon Annual Gala. 2015-2020

Note: The candidate's photograph and statement are supplied by the candidate and are not endorsed by the County Supervisor of Elections or checked for accuracy.
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