Ed Danko
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Contact Information

56 Wasserman Drive
Palm Coast, FL - 32164
Candidate's Statement


Visit VoteDanko.com for more information on Ed

Ed Danko is a lifelong fiscal conservative. He is the Public Relations/Social Media Director for the Flagler County Trump Club. He fully supports President Trump’s policies.

Ed believes Presidents Trump’s policies are good for America and good for Palm Coast.  Like President Trump, Ed is not a politician - Ed is a problem solver!

He is a former Television Network News Producer and Editor (NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News & CNN.)

Ed retired early (walked out of CNN on November 1, 2016 in disgust) because  he was fed up with the one-sided propaganda being peddled by the mainstream media as news.  He's one of the last fair and honest journalist to work at one of these fake news networks.

Service to country and community is important to Ed.

Ed is a proud Navy Veteran who still serves his country as an Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Ed is also an Associate Member of the Palm Coast  Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #171

Ed served as a Volunteer Firefighter for two years when he first retired. 

He knows from  firsthand experience the importance and value of all our First Responders and will always fully support these amazing people one hundred percent!

Ed’s other community service includes membership in the Palm Coast Fraternal Order of Police, Flagler/Palm Coast Kiwanis Club, the Flagler County Republican Club and former Public Relations/Social Media Chairman for the Flagler County Republican Executive Committee (FCREC.)  While in North Carolina he served as Public Relations Director for the GOP Third Congressional District.  He also served on the Board of Directors of the Roanoke Island Historical Association (better known for the award-winning play "The Lost Colony" which unravels the mystery of America's first settlers.)  Plus, Ed has served on the Board of Directors of several homeowners' associations.  He is also a proud member of the NRA.

He lives with his wife, Beverly in the W section of Palm Coast with their two rescued dogs, Izzy and Albert, and a recently adopted stray cat they named Dallas.  Ed and Bev will tell you they did not rescue their pets, instead, their pets rescued them!

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