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Contact Information

1115 Edgewood Ave.
Jacksonville, FL - 32205
Candidate's Statement

  • Phi Beta Kappa (1978 Alpha of Oregon);   Alpha Epsilon Delta (1974 Auburn)
  • The Webb School of California, Claremont, CA. (1970-72)
  • Army and Navy Academy, Carlsbad, CA  (1969-70)
  • Palo Alto Military Academy, Palo Alto, CA. (1965-69)

I have degrees and professional experience in both science and penology.  I have worked in the field of criminal justice and continued to analyze its data all of my adult life.  Even during the decade I worked in Silicon Valley, advanced high technology, research, development, engineering and manufacturing, I stayed current in criminalistics as a volunteer associate prison chaplain.  I am a member of the Westside Neighborhood Accountability Board, a diversion program for at-risk youth under the authority of the Duval County Teen Court.  


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