Chad Evan McIntyre
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Contact Information

332 E. Ashley Street
Jacksonville, FL - 32202
Candidate's Statement

Chad has spent his entire life in public service responding to the call for help for over two decades.  He began his career as a volunteer fire fighter and EMT in a small community north of Indianapolis.  Given most of the members of the community’s volunteer first responders were at their full-time jobs during the day, Chad was often called upon to respond from high school classes during his senior year.  Responding to heart attacks, sick babies, and car accidents of his classmates and neighbors instilled in Chad a value to give back to one’s community.  

Chad went on to be an accomplished emergency paramedic on one of Indianapolis’s busiest ambulances before returning to his roots of providing rural prehospital care to those furthest away from definitive care.  At the young age of 25, Chad had helped develop and lead a new paramedic program serving the small Connersville community of 13,000.  He knew however that he needed to impact more people’s lives which lead him to the University of Cincinnati Health where he embarked on a passion of educating future and current paramedics in the evidence-based care of the sick and injured.

His relocation to Jacksonville in 2005 involved a coincidental meeting and dedication to personal and professional development.  After achieving a high score on his flight paramedic exam and a chance meeting with Jacksonville air medical leaders at a conference, Chad was recruited to the Jacksonville Level I trauma center where he quickly progressed from a flight paramedic on the critical care helicopter to lead the program as program manger of one of the most acclaimed air medical programs in the country. 

In addition to graduating as one of the youngest nationally registered paramedics at that time, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida State College Jacksonville and is currently completing his Master’s Degree in business administration at Columbia Southern University.  He has served as an international ambassador of the National Association of EMTs, traveling to over 26 countries in the promotion of advancing care of the sick and injured around the world, earning him the NAEMT Presidential Leadership award in 2014.  In 2016, Chad received the Jacksonville Business Journal’s Health Care Hero award for his contributions to injury prevention and community education. 

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