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Contact Information

1650-302 Margaret Street # 252
Jacksonville, FL - 32204
Candidate's Statement

Improving Our Community I’ve spent 11 years working for Google in communications, human resources, and most recently, Google Fiber. In my role as the Metro Expansion Lead for Google Fiber in Florida, I worked with the City of Jacksonville, JEA, and the City of Tampa to explore the potential of building a broadband network across both cities. This process gave me an understanding of where we are with our existing infrastructure and permitting process, and an appreciation for the enormous opportunity we have to build a digitally inclusive city. As a mom to two kids, my volunteer time has primarily gone to organizations focused on education and community building, including the Early Learning Coalition of Duval, the West Riverside Elementary PTA, the Jewish Community Alliance, and 904ward, an organization that works to bring positive change on issues of race and diversity. I’ve also served as chair for both Riverside Arts Market and Riverside Avondale Preservation, recognizing the value of what makes our neighborhood special and helping to find ways to preserve that while developing new projects. I’m originally from a small town in East Tennessee. My parents are family doctors, who raised four kids while building a community health practice that served a great need and built capacity for the long term. A graduate of Madisonville public schools, I went to Yale University and Harvard’s Kennedy School, where I earned a Master’s in Public Policy and met my husband, Trey Csar. The lessons of family and service have stayed with me as my own family has grown. For nearly a decade, Trey and I have built a life and raised a family together here in Jacksonville. We are working to raise our two boys, Cort and Max, to appreciate the amazing diversity of this city and the power of giving to your community.
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