Deborah (Debbie) Heard
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Contact Information

65 Redbud Lane #413
P.O. Box 4794
Rosemary Beach, FL - 32461
(850) 231-7878
Candidate's Statement

Debbie's family vacationed along our sugar white sands even before she was born. Vacationing here all her life. She lived part time in Walton County for over 20 years and settled here with her husband Jeff in 2009. Debbie and Jeff have 6 children and one grandson. The Heard's are local business owners along 30A. Their real estate brokerage and appraisal firm are located in Seagrove Beach. Their surf equipment rental and tour company serve visitors and educate them on our rare natural resources. Coastal Resource Conservancy a global foundation founded by the Heard family is also headquartered in Seagrove Beach.

Debbie is a proven leader who has served in a leadership capacity since her early school years, following into adult life. Serving as a leader in her profession in real estate and as a business owner, a military wife, room mother, non profit board member, foundation head, church mission ministry leader in ESOL, as well as fund raising efforts for various charities. Raised in a suburb of Atlanta, a city her ancestors founded, holding the first Mayoral election at her Great Great Great Grandfather's General Store in Five Points. Her political roots and a legacy to serve run deep. Debbie has worked on grassroots issues, recruiting and promoting strong candidates for office, and encouraging young men and women to get involved in service to their communities. ​

Debbie worked in foreign service for the Department of the Army during the early eighties. She moved home and served as comptroller in her families business for many years. She later built one of Atlanta's largest logistics and executive services companies. ​

Once she was settled in Walton County she began serving the community. She was appointed to the Coastal Dune Lake Advisory Board by the Board of County Commissioner in 2013. Serving as Chair of that board for several years. This position has proved to be both challenging and rewarding. Debbie has also served one term on the Tourists Development Council, Beach Management Committee. 

Debbie is a proven leader who has worked diligently on issues important to her fellow Walton County citizens. With a heart for Walton County and her neighbors, Debbie will serve as your commissioner with an open ear and the knowledge and experience to accomplish great things for a better Walton County.

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