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Candidate's Statement


I am LaToya Anderson Robinson, a candidate for District 2 Putnam County Commissioner. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a Mimi. I attend Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, in Palatka and serve on several ministries. A graduate of Florida A & M University where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, I went on to earn my Master of Science degree in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. As a fourth-generation Palatka native, I have dedicated 17 years in child welfare in Putnam County and am currently a mental health counselor in Putnam, St. Johns, and Flagler counties.  My community involvement includes the Putnam County Democratic Executive Committee and The Putnam Action Network.  In the past, I worked with the Florida A & M University Alumni of Putnam County, HIV Teen Coalition, African American Cultural Arts Council of Putnam County, Statue Relocation committee and Palatka Pop Warner.

I am a strong believer in God and consult with Him daily. My aspiration in life is to be the best person I can be. Raised in Palatka, I wish to see growth in all areas of our community. 

Along with enjoying spending time with my family, helping others, and traveling to other places, I believe charity starts at home and Putnam County is my home. I am a Putnam GIRL, Putnam Grown, Putnam Invested, Putnam Revolutionist, and Putnam Loyal.

Note: The candidate's photograph and statement are supplied by the candidate and are not endorsed by the County Supervisor of Elections or checked for accuracy.
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