Lori Conrad
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Contact Information

6600 SE 36th Ave
Ocala, FL - 34480
Candidate's Statement

Lori Conrad has lived and worked in Marion County as a teacher for over 25 years.  Throughout her teaching career at three local elementary schools, she has already impacted the lives of an incredible number of children and is looking forward to helping thousands more while serving on the Marion County School Board.

Lori’s contributions to the Marion County School System are both authentic and longstanding.  She knows the school system from a daily, hands-on point of view, as both a parent and a teacher.  In 2012, she was recognized by the community and the Public Education Foundation as one of the Top Five Educators in Marion County through the Golden Apple Program.  Lori holds a Primary Education certification for Kindergarten through 3rd grade and is a certified Elementary Education teacher for Grades 1st through 6th.  In addition to her long public education history, she has also taught at First United Methodist Preschool where she helped start the Kindergarten program.

In addition to her extensive teaching experience, Lori is also a certified Media Specialist and has earned awards with her students through video production and student publishing.  Outside the classroom, Lori has assisted with extended day programs, parent involvement programs, and parent literacy nights.  She also has worked as the Vice President of the Parent Teacher Organization, served for many years as grade chairman, and volunteered on the A school committee.

Always drawn to working with children as a babysitter and through volunteer work with Vacation Bible School programs in her church, Lori’s natural transition was to mold a career around her love for children.  While attending college, she was a substitute teacher and this further solidified her passion for teaching.  Lori has taught locally at Wyomina Park Elementary, Evergreen Elementary and Dr. N.H. Jones Elementary. 

Lori’s heart is in the work that brings high-quality curriculum and programming to the students of Marion County. She has gone to great lengths to ensure that the future of education in Marion County is one of outstanding quality, committed participation and successful students.  She does this by serving on literacy and textbook committees, planning and safety committees, as well as helping develop curriculum maps to chart academia, and now, by running for a seat on the School Board.

Lori has also participated in many other programs that work to develop a balanced academic experience.  Her strong passion for the future generations of teachers has led her to participate as a Peer Teacher and Intern supervisor to those just beginning their careers in education.  She also understands the importance of financial stability within the school system to meet the goals and needs of Marion County Schools and therefore has helped acquire grants for school funding and organized school fundraisers.

Marion County has been Lori’s home for almost 50 years.  Together with her husband Tom, and their two children Will and Hannah, Lori loves and is committed to Marion County.  Both of her children were educated in the Marion County School System and her family life demonstrates a commitment to caring for the things that matter most in her community.

As small business owners of Conrad Tree Service, Lori and Tom continue to serve and support their community through Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club, ARC, Humane Society, Southeastern Youth Fair and Interfaith.  Both of their longstanding Ocala resident families have strong military roots. Tom and Will, as well as grandfathers and fathers, served within different branches of the military.

Lori has a strong desire to broaden the ways that she can further impact our school system and has big plans for the future of Marion County students.  Understanding the unique challenges that teachers and their students face, Lori is committed to tackling a wide range of initiatives as a means of bringing Marion County schools closer together, making them more well-rounded, and aiming for success higher than ever before.  Her plans for the future of our school system include

·      Continue to give strong support to the Safe School Initiative

·      Increase accountability for student behavior

·      Improve and support better attendance and tardy policies

·      Preserve instructional time

·      Reduce county based testing

·      Staff more schools with nurses

·      Increase administration / teacher input in curriculum decisions

·      Dedicate more funding to classrooms

·      Work to improve the poverty levels within our schools

·      Advocate for agricultural and vocational programs

·      Continue support of the Arts within our schools

Recognizing that the students of Marion County are our future, Lori is committed to tackling these initiatives head-on with determination and passion.

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