Rich Musgrave
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Contact Information

1354 Stratford Ave
Parker, FL - 32404
Candidate's Statement

My name is Rich Musgrave and I look forward to serving another term as Mayor for our wonderful community.  My background includes:

Experience:  2 years as Parker Planning Commissioner, 8 years as Parker Mayor and a Small business owner

Proven Leader: Past President of Downtown Rotary Club, Center for the Arts and Haney Education Foundation, Board Member Bay County Chamber of Commerce, 2008 Member of the Year,2009 Small Business of the Year and Former Music Minister Parker UMC

Family/Education: Married to Kathy 29 years, 4 years USAF, 2 sons: USAF, local musician, BS Accounting, MBA Finance

My focus when I first was elected in 2013 was to be a strong voice for: Fiscal Stability, More Desirable Neighborhoods, becoming a Business-Friendly City, and Putting Pride back in Parker.  At the same time, it was essential that we build strong relationships with leadership of the county, the other cities and Tyndall AFB.  We’ve done so and have excellent partnerships with all.

We’ve made considerable progress but Hurricane Michael and the coronavirus certainly created some additional challenges.  Today’s focus is continuing to be a strong voice to:

Continue fiscal stability

o   $9 million hurricane debris costs paid without borrowing

o   Grant covers City share of hurricane recovery

o   Leverage use of infrastructure sales tax

Seek added commercial development

o   East Bay – 270-unit apartment complex

o   Additional affordable housing

o   Match developers to vacant parcels

Improve and rebuild neighborhoods

o   Address unfit/unsafe properties

o   Replace aging infrastructure

o   Celebrate citizen’s initiatives

Hurricane Michael Recovery

o   On City’s long-range vision (R2P2)

o   On redevelopment of our parks

o   Updating Land Development Regulations

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