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18 Lloleeta Path Unit A
Palm Coast, Fl - 32164
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Happily married to my lovely wife, Vanessa, I am also father/stepfather of 5: Neesa (26), Aaron (25), TJ (24), Jai (18), and Naire (17). A native of Pittsburgh, PA, I moved to Palm Coast in 2012 with my wife and our youngest. With a corporate background in insurance sales and marketing, I moved to Palm Coast to live out my entrepreneurial aspirations along with my wife who is also my business partner with whom I share my vision. We started The Tipton Group LLC in 2014 providing health and life insurance services with a particular focus on our Senior comnunity, individuals under 65, and employees of small to midsized businesses. At The Tipton Group our motto is: Helping Others Help Themselves with an emphasis on developing relationships and providing impeccable customer service and expertise to separate ourselves from our competition. In July 2017, we partnered with my brother to open a franchise partnering with the Schooley Mitchell Consulting Firm headquartered in Ontario, Canada. With locations, here in Palm Coast, Dallas, TX, and Pittsburgh, PA we focus on cost reduction in Telecommunications, Merchant Services, and Small Package Shippping for businesses of all sizes with a focus on those in the Small and Midsized sectors. Vanessa and I have staked our claim here in Palm Coast and have ingratiated ourselves into the community. We feel privileged to live, work, play, pray, and otherwise enjoy our quality of life that Palm Coast offers. Our goal is twofold: to service our fellow neighbors by giving more than we get and as we continue to establish ourselves, to pay it forward to and for future generations to make our city better than when we found it.
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