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Contact Information

PO Box 351495
Palm Coast, Fl - 32135
Candidate's Statement

Commissioner Nate McLaughlin has served Flagler County in non-elected and elected positions for many years. His current involvement within the Flagler County Commission includes working on various committees and boards and as such has required that he become well informed with our County’s attributes, needs, problems and potential solutions to those problems. Nate is a well-respected with the skills to make well informed, sensible decisions for our county as they apply to its residents and potential business growth. He has been married to his wife Kelly for over 38 years and they have raised three children and currently have eight grandchildren. Nate served honorably in the United States Air Force and attended the University of Maine. He also attended the prestigious Rapport Leadership Institute, and is an Advanced Certified County Commissioner*, a licensed Real broker and a state certified Notary Public. His employment background has given him grounded skills in marketing, purchasing and management as a business leader and prudent government financial decision maker. Commissioner Nate McLaughlin has established clear, important goals for our community. As a member of the Flagler County Commission he will continue to act in a decisive manner to ensure that a vision of common sense government is the standard by which the Commission functions. When first elected Nate embraced these goals, which guide his contribution to the commission’s work: 1. To place Flagler County in a stronger economic development position. Commissioner McLaughlin, District 4 Commissioner, has been a leader in helping our community through the economic downturn by recognizing the need for a stronger economic development plan, one that would create increased citizen involvement and a cooperation with the State-level plan for economic stabilization in order to better promote that “Flagler County is open for business.” 2. To make the County budget fiscally responsible. Nate is vigilant in overseeing how our tax dollars are managed and in working to keep Flagler County taxes as low as possible while maintaining the level of service that Flagler County residents have come to expect. The Flagler County commission has been able to combat the rising costs of conducting the County’s business, coupled with unfunded mandates handed down from the State Legislature, by consolidating services in cooperation with other constitutional officers. 3. To always be available to the public through town hall meetings and public events. Commissioner McLaughlin holds quarterly town hall meetings with the residents of Flagler County and has attended countless public events and invitations to participate with groups and individuals Commissioner McLaughlin works hard for the individuals of Flagler County. By seeking and gaining the cooperation and assistance from the U.S. Senate, the Governor’s office, and the Water Management District, Nate was able to bring drinking water to residents in need by providing a community well that ensures safe, quality drinking water to an overlooked area of the County. Additionally, this mission was made possible with the support of members of the Rotary Club of Flagler County, Kiwanis, Professional Women’s groups, and The Flagler County Chamber of Commerce. The support and cooperation Commissioner McLaughlin attained from the municipalities and many, many individuals clearly helped him achieve his vital goal to provide safe drinking water where it was needed. Nate has just as vigorously promoted and worked towards quality of life issues such as the new mountain bike path in the Hammock, various trails throughout the county and improvements to parks and other Flagler County attractions. The Consolidated Sheriff’s Operation Center, expanded jail, new more viable runway system, expanded west side fire and public safety services and the future expansion of library services to a growing population, Malacompra drainage system and Beach/Dune replacement have all proven his ability to balance the budget while being mindful of current and future needs of the citizens of Flagler County. *Launched in 1996, the Certified County Commissioner Program is a voluntary program of study designed for county commissioners to learn information and enhance skills relevant to their duties and responsibilities. Courses are taught by a team of experts, which includes university faculty, government officials, professional speakers, FAC members and FAC staff.
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