Chase Anderson "Andy" Romagnano
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31 Murphy Lane
Pensacola, FL - 32505
Candidate's Statement

I was the Democratic nominee for ECUA Dist. 2 in 2022 where I won 5,796 votes and carried Precincts 82 and 104. I was a qualified write-in for Circuit Clerk and Comptroller of Escambia County in 2020's general election. 

I graduated from Spring Hill College with a double major in Political Science and Business Management, and attended law school at Loyola University New Orleans in 2010, had a medical withdrawal following a traffic accident. While at Spring Hill College, I was Mardi Gras King in 2007, and was Senior Class Senator (defacto Class Vice President) for the 2007-08 year for the Spring Hill College Student Government Association (based on the logic of how Jessica Slater was Class President in how that is done). I was part of the McGill-Toolen Class of 2003 (from 1999-2003) and Our Lady of Lourdes class of 1999 (from 1990-1999)

I was initiated as a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus in 2009, previous Chancellor of Council # 3038

My great-grandmother was WKRG television personality Connie Bea Hope, my grandfather, Brooklyn native Joseph M. Romagnano Sr served as National President of the Paralyzed Veterans of America (1978-80) (after a celebrated career with the Mobile Police Department, where he rose to Lieutenant and was head of the Narcotics and Vice Squad and # 2 at the Police Academy from 1971-1973. My mother's third cousin Dr. F. David Mathews was Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare from 1975-1977. 

My father Joseph M. Romagnano Jr was a longtime IBEW electrician, main Local was 505. My maternal aunt's husband Paul Hacker was a long time machinist union's member at Mobile Pulley Works. My confirmation sponsor was a union member. I have inquired of CWA Local 3109 of joining.

I am the author of the following books, where my book Mobile: Future Dubai of the Gulf of Mexico has the online version linked here. - Amazon paperback version (also available on Kindle)

Mobile: Future Dubai of the Gulf of Mexico was written at the Bay Center during Hurricane Sally and cleanup week

I also have the following Pensacola area books of landscape photos for sale (prices are determined by image nature and printing costs, hence difference by version) - B/W Hardcover - B/W Paperback - Color Hardcover - Color Paperback

I have the following other books for sale as mine (pen name works not linked here) (preview of autobiography, this portion covering 1985-1991) - Look back at 2012 GOP Presidential primaries - If I Was On City Council: A Book of Urban Policy Pertaining to Mobile, Alabama - Selected Essays Volume 1 - In re: the union drive at a Bessemer, AL Amazon plant a few years ago. - If I Was on City Council, French version - If I Was On City Council, Spanish version - If I Was On City Council, Italian version

I have written romance oriented literature under a pen name, but as it is NSFW, it is not appropriate for a candidate page, but as it will come out in the campaign, I wrote them, but not appropriate for this candidate page. 

I am running for ECUA District 3 in part because of the deliberate attempts to stymie my campaign in 2022 and my message getting out to protect the campaign of Lois Benson, when I was running on a promise that there would be no more fees for ECUA Customers eventually under my plan to use a Retirement Systems of Alabama like funding system of ownership of private businesses, with profits to then cover operation costs. I also wanted to establish an ECUA owned casino at the old Dog Track, which cannot have dog racing since statewide passage of a ban by constitution in 2018 to allow those revenues to pay for service, rather than customers. There were also to be temporary shall issue medical marijuana cards issued at the casino, some funds diverted to ECUA, others to a guaranteed housing solution for homeless, far nicer than county proposals. 

The people deserved a vote on that, and they were denied a fair hearing of my platform because the powers that be in Escambia County want the citizens to have less money in their paychecks from having to pay bills, rather than it be financed in a way that lets them spend more of their paychecks how they want. 

Keep up with my campaign at which is not paid for out of campaign funds but is rather free speech as an official representation of the campaign. and of me as candidate specifically in this race


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