Nathan Ray Slusher
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Contact Information

860 Allendale St
Titusville, FL - 32796
Candidate's Statement

Brevard County needs a Determined leader who believes in:

  • -Increasing the amount of small businesses in Brevard.

  • -Creating a culture of entrepreneurship among adults as well as our children.

  • -Ending corporate subsidies and grants of our Brevard tax dollars.

  • -Testing our Indian River Lagoon and Banana River Lagoon for pollutants.

  • -Ending herbicide spraying of canals by the government.

  • -Voting to reduce the current property taxes.

  • -Removing harmful laws to our citizens, their rights, our environment, our workforce, and our housing.

  • -Defending our citizens and all their rights from government.

  • -Taking a stand against backroom deals and improper development plans.

  • -Having a professional backbone when dealing with Lobbyists, Bureaucrats, and Government Officials.

  • -Communicating with citizens effectively and addressing their concerns.

  • -Having conversations with citizens again during government meetings.

A local advocate for government transparency, Nathan spent two years attending local municipality meetings and informing the public of what is occurring in the local governments. Nathan is a regular speaker at Titusville City Council and Brevard County Commission standing against government overreach and fighting for the citizens against unnecessary increases in taxation. Believing in being a provider of solutions and not just complaints, Nathan has provided multiple ideas to Titusville City Council to reduce local taxes while still properly funding the city. He has also provided opportunities for the city to initiate self-funded programs reducing maintenance costs, encouraging agriculture, and reducing homelessness in the City of Titusville.


"Why am I running for this position?


I want to make drastic changes in the current system we have. I want it reduced, I want small business put on a pedestal as the example for what we want and I want to reduce the political pull big business, developers, and bureaucrats have here in Brevard. With actual tangible actions, not just the usual "I'll fight for you" feel good sayings. This area is going to grow extremely fast with the advancement of the space community. And with it we will have government grow out of control if we do not take extreme measures right now to limit it. Continuing the status quo will result in Brevard turning out just like the other large cities in the State and the country. 



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