Erin Ann Lowry
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Contact Information

338 NW Stratford Lane
Port St Lucie, FL - 34983
Candidate's Statement

Erin Lowry's extensive background and involvement in St. Lucie County make her a standout figure in the community. With a residence spanning 25 years, she has not only been a resident but has actively contributed to the betterment of the area through her professional career and community engagement.

She has been a registerd Republican in St. Lucie County since 1999, and loyal to her conservative beliefs. Not your typical politician, she has no other agenda other than making a difference in the community that she lives in and loves.  Her approachability and compassion for others make her a deserving leader, one that St. Lucie County needs in this position. 

Lowry's commitment to building relationships and empowering families is evident in her dual Bachelor's Degrees in Elementary Education from UCF and Communication Science and Disorders from USF. Her educational background speaks to her dedication and committment,  showcasing a diverse skill set that she brings to her community involvement.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Erin has devoted years to volunteering in youth sports and activities in the Treasure Coast. Her passion for community service is evident in her involvement in the creation of the SLW Centennial Football Booster Program. This initiative not only brought about new financial opportunities for the program but also fostered a sense of community, family, and school spirit, ultimately contributing to the success of the team.

Beyond her involvement in sports, Lowry, alongside her husband, has achieved success by opening St. Lucie County's most desirable and affordable rustic wedding venue on the Treasure Coast. This venture has allowed her to establish connections with various stakeholders, including wedding vendor business owners, non-profit organizations, and government officials, bridging gaps and collaborating across different sectors.

Erin Lowry is characterized by her resilience and commitment to creating positive change. Described as an individual who always puts her heart and soul into all endeavors, she approaches challenges with enthusiasm. As a servant at heart, she embodies the qualities that St. Lucie County needs for its future—a businesswoman with passion, dedication, and an exceptional work ethic.

Lowry's specific goals for the county include fighting to lower the millage rate, enforcing smart growth and development, and preserving the historical areas of St. Lucie County. By doing so, she aims to ensure that the next generation sees St. Lucie County as a desirable place to live, work, and thrive. Her excitement to engage with the community, hear their concerns, and understand what changes they seek, fuel her drive to preserve the future of St. Lucie County!


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