David Pickett
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Contact Information

2473 SW Galiano Rd
Port St Lucie, FL - 34987
Candidate's Statement

David Pickett was elected to the Port St. Lucie City Council in November of 2020. As a thirty-
two-year resident, he has a vast knowledge on the early years of Port St. Lucie’s growth and has
brought that knowledge to the City Council to help make some tough decisions regarding our
city’s future and development.
Pickett was born and raised in Indiana. At the age of nineteen, he joined the US Army. As
veteran of the United States Army, he served in a variety of highly- sensitive roles within the Air
Defense Artillery Corps, the Military Police Corps, and finally as a Logistician and Transportation
Specialist. He served two combat tours in the Middle East and received a multitude of
accommodations and medals, including the Combat Action Badge, Army Achievement Medal,
Army Accommodation Medal, and the Florida Distinguished Service Medal.
While serving our country, David found Port St. Lucie as the ideal place to relocate to and raise
his five children, claiming the city had some of the same family values he learned growing up in
the Midwest. With his children now grown, David has been blessed with five grandchildren.
In 2015 he retired from the US Army with a master’s degree in Critical Incident Management
and joined the private sector as a Transportation/Warehouse Manager.
He has spent his entire adult life in the service of others and continues to be an advocate for
veterans and veterans’ programs throughout our region by publishing a newsletter that focuses
on veterans’ affairs and veteran functions happening in and around our community.
Serving in his first elected role Pickett also serves on various community boards which includes
The Council on Ageing of St. Lucie, The Hands Clinic, The Roundtable of St. Lucie County,
Treasure Coast Council of Local Governments, Transportation Planning Organization of St.
Lucie, and The Boys and Girls Club of St. Lucie County.
Other organizations that Pickett is active with are the Korean War Veterans Association where
he serves as a National Director, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, The Disabled
American Veterans, The United Veterans of St. Lucie County.
Having served himself in the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan conflicts, he felt a need to continue to serve
and aide other veterans who served in the same conflicts. In 2022, Pickett founded the Gulf Iraq
Afghanistan Veterans Association to help bring veterans of the Middle Eastern wars together,
promote comradery, and to combat the growing mental health issues that continue to plague
service members of those wars. He serves as the organizations President.
As the District 2 Councilman on the City Council, David has spent his time working hard to
improve our local economy and maintain the quality of city services that you deserve. He
continues to advocate for more living wage jobs in Port St. Lucie and works closely with the
Economic Development Council and wants to ensure that the growth the city is currently
experiencing is paying for itself, rather than being paid for by those who have already called
Port St. Lucie home.

If elected again Pickett would work to bring more affordable housing to Port St. Lucie, improve
traffic management within the congested corridors, continue job creation within the city's job’s
corridor, continue to find ways to lower your city taxes, and work with Cleveland Clinic to build
an additional tower onto the Tradition hospital.

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