Michael Taylor
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PO Box 8021
Fleming Island, FL - 32006
Candidate's Statement

Biography Mike Taylor was born April 8, 1966 in Savannah, GA. He is the son of Jerry and Karen Taylor and Barry and Elaine Russell. He has three siblings; Dale, David and Aron and three step-sisters; Gabrielle, Katherine and Melinda. Mike married his childhood sweetheart, Tari Grant in 1987. The Taylor’s are practicing members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They have four children; Adam (18), Grant (17), Christopher (15) and Kari (12). Education Mike served in Peru for 2 years as an LDS missionary. Upon returning from Peru, he started a career in law enforcement. It was while he was working full-time as a Deputy Sheriff and later as a Special Agent that Mike attended Saint Leo University, earning his B.A. in criminology, where he graduated summa cum laude in 1998. Professional Career Immediately following his return from Peru, Mike managed an auto parts store. Mike started his law enforcement career in 1988 with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Around 1990, Mike temporarily departed from his full-time service to help his father with the family insurance business, although Mike remained a reserve Deputy Sheriff until around 1992. In 1993, Mike returned to full-time employment with the Sheriff’s Office. Mike served as a patrol deputy, traffic investigator, property crimes detective, robbery detective, sex crimes detective, street level drug detective, mid-level drug detective and organized crime detective. During Mike’s 8 ½ years with the Sheriff’s Office, he taught basic law enforcement standards at the Polk Community College to new police recruits. Mike was also appointed to serve on several special committees including a Sheriff’s Office salary study committee and a resource allocation committee. Mike helped develop the Field Training Program utilized by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. In 1997 Mike became a Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He was selected to serve on the elite Governor’s Protection detail where he was the lead agent on 3 Governor’s Protection Details, including Lawton Chiles, Buddy McKay and Jeb Bush. During this time, Mike trained the Lieutenant Governor’s Protection Detail for Lieutenant Governor Frank Brogan. In 1999 Mike was transferred to the FDLE Miami Regional Operations Center where he coordinated multi-jurisdictional racketeering investigations targeting Miami gangs, along with major drug and money laundering investigations. Mike served on the FDLE South Special Operations Team where he was a designated marksman and team leader. Mike helped develop the protocols utilized by the FDLE for Protection Team Counter-Assault Details and he served as the Team Leader for Counter Assault Team Operations. In 2002 Mike was promoted to Special Agent Supervisor and transferred to the FDLE Jacksonville Regional Operations Center. Mike and his family reside in Clay County. Mike’s wife Tari owns a small real estate company with Vanguard/GMAC Real Estate and their children attend FIHS and GCS Junior High. During his time in Jacksonville, Mike has supervised the white collar crime squad and the major drug and money laundering squad. Mike has participated in, advised or supervised some of the largest cases in north Florida’s history. In his last assignment, Mike supervised the Domestic Security and Mutual Aid squad where he played a critical role in the administration and distribution of the Department of Homeland Security funding to Florida’s special response teams across the state, a budget in excess of $25 million. Mike also supervised and coordinated the administrative projects that help run the Regional Operations Center, background investigations, pilot operations, technical operations and regional training. Mike also served on several regional and statewide committees. As a result of his leadership and cooperative efforts, northeast Florida law enforcement is better equipped and trained for tactical responses to terrorism events and mutual aid responses. Mike developed the major drug investigations training manual that has been incorporated into the FDLE training academy for all new FDLE Special Agents. This program was the model used by the FDLE to rewrite all other blocks of instruction. Community Mike has been actively involved with the Fleming Island Plantation having served as a CDD Board Member and past president. Mike helped organize the Neighborhood Advisory Council, made up of residents to interact with the Board. Mike has also served as an assistant Boy Scout master for several years and helps train several FIHS wrestlers. Website: www.MikeTaylorForClaySheriff.com Email: Mike@miketaylorforclaysheriff.com Address: Michael K. Taylor for Clay County Sheriff Campaign P.O. Box 8021 Fleming Island, FL 32006 Phone: (904) 214-4780 Paid Political Advertisement, Paid for and approved by Michael K. Taylor (R) for Clay County Sheriff.
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