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Contact Information

5700 NW 2nd ST
Ocala, FL - 34482
Candidate's Statement

During my campaign of 2014, I met with thousands of people during the petition signing process and I was the first one to qualify by petition. The other way to qualify is by paying a fee. As a true conservative, there are times when spending your own hard-earned money on a cause is the right thing to do. I consider this an investment. An investment in a better future for our children and my community.

My education, my professional career, work ethic and community volunteer experience have prepared me to serve on the Marion County School Board as your District 4 representative.

I bring a broad range of skill sets and experience to this position:

  • 13-years working for the Prosecutors Office in Suriname, South America.
  • 11-years experience working in the construction field in NYC and Ocala with a focus on budget and cost control.
  • -Currently I am going into my 11th year as a highly succesful Life, Health and Annuity agent.

I serve and have served on several community organizations:

  • Comunity Prayer Initiative of Marion County, led by Pastors and community leaders.
  • Past Board member of RAMAL a non-profit that raise scholarship funds for students. 
  • As a Board member of the NAPW now IAW ( International  Association of Women), the two things I am very proud of that are near and dear to my heart are, the "Chosen Childrens Christmast Party" and the "Thanksgiving Baskets and Meals."
  • Being an Ambassador with the Chamber of Commerce, I volunteer at events such as, the HITS Triathlon Series, Ribbon Cuttings representing the CEP, Operation Thank You.
  • My most rewarding volunteer opportunity is with the FreeDom Health Clinic, which provides free Dental, Optical and Medical services to our Veterans, the Homeless, foster care children and anyone that is without insurance and needs care.
  • I sit on the Board of the India Association as the Secretary, a non-profit focused on promoting cultural and social programs. I help raise funds for these programs. 

I have been a resident of Marion County for almost 20 years. After losing my husband, I raised my 3 children and made sure that they graduated from the Marion County Public Schools, 2 with High Honors. I have 2 grandchildren, Ajay, 5 and Aryan 2. Ajay starts Kindergarten this Fall.

I can identify with:

  • The single parent that is the bread winner and has several jobs to meet the needs of her family.
  • The family that has immigrated here and faces the challenges of starting new in a foreign country.
  • The parent and student that have English as a second language. My native languages are Dutch and Hindi. To adapt and assimilate with my new country I adopted a single syllable American name (Sakoentela to Jane) and educated myself in becoming proficient in the English language. I do struggle at times and that is OK.

I am a “woman” that did not hesitate to enter a field that was predominantly male, I had to stand my ground and earn respect from many staunch Coalition, Union representatives, and tradesmen in the construction field. Often, I had to deal with expressions, such as, “you belong in the kitchen”. With an impeccable work ethic, attained knowledge and the ability to motivate and empower my team to follow me, I have been able to deliver on my promises. In doing so monetary incentives for my team and myself were awarded.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Law – Suriname SA
  • Construction Management Degree - New York, NY
  • Life Health & Annuity License – Ocala FL
  • Business Insurance Certification – American College PA.

Please know that all voters elect school board members no matter the district the candidate represents.  In 2014 the Marion County School system ranked 50 out of 67 counties. We have now fallen to 61st out of 67. We must do better, and I am committed to that goal. 

As a School Board Member, I promise to bring a collaborative and professional attitude to all deliberations and actions.

  • Taxpayers expect fiscal responsibility. Programs that have not demonstrated a positive outcome must be changed or eliminated.
  • I promote diversity on the school board. 35% of Marion County is Minority and being of that minority, I will work to ensure that their voices will be heard and listened to.
  • I believe students learn best when the teachers are valued, supported and have the supplies needed to teach. I will schedule regular meetings with teachers &/or their leaders to ensure the board is aware of their concerns. 
  • I support the 1 Mil Tax Referendum.  Evidence from the past 4 years supports its efficacy.
  • I strongly support parent, student and community involvement and I promise to be receptive to those that I work for. I will reach out to parents who for reasons we may not understand do not participate in their child’s school experience. Understanding may result in empowerment and better schools.
  • I believe a student should be promoted to the next grade only when s/he is academically ready.
  • I support and will advocate for Vocational and Trade School enrollment for students who want to pursue non-college education.  
  • I support forming partnerships with business, churches, childcare facilities and organizations in the community who can assist in creating an excellent school system.
  • I propose all board members agree to a 3-day work week instead of the present weekly meeting.

Let’s work together to improve the education of students in Marion County.

I respectfully ask for your vote in the August 28th Primary Election.  Thank you!

Jane Moerlie School Board District 4

Website: www.JaneMoerlieForSchoolBoard.com

Email: info@janemoerlieforschoolboard.com



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