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Contact Information

5208 NW 18th St.
Ocala, FL - 34482
Candidate's Statement

                          Elect Nancy Thrower to Marion County School Board District 4

                   Special Needs Educator. Small Business Owner. Community Volunteer. 

                                               Ocala Resident for 28yrs.

         Dear Voter,

I am running for the District 4 School Board seat. This is a tough district that includes Evergreen Elementary, Oakcrest Elementary, Hillcrest School, Maplewood Elementary, Ward Highlands Elementary, Ft. King Middle School, Vanguard High School, Student Services (Social Work Department, Psychological Services Department and Exceptional Student Education (ESE/Special Needs)

District 4 requires and deserves a school board representative that has the experience and work ethic to jump right in, collaborate, and start reversing the years long trend of failures. Over $400,000 of our hard earned tax payer dollars is being spent just this year on an outside entity to try improve Evergreen Elementary's School Grade. Evergreen was once an A rated school. However, the failed policies and absence of our school board member of the last 8 years in this district has contributed greatly to this downward spiral into failure.

I worked my way up the old fashioned way. By hard work, grit and determination. 21 years ago, I started my public education career at North Marion High School as an ESE/Special Needs Classroom Aide. Vocational Training and coaching was my focus because I realized not every student is college bound and there are so many ways to become a functional, contributing citizen. I expanded my education career into teaching high school, always with a reading, life skills and work prep focus. I went back to school and earned my Graduate Certificate in Special Needs/Applied Behavior Analysis which gives me the ability to help our most needy children succeed in collaboration with their parents, teachers, schools, community and state agencies. 

Count on me to be proactive. I've been riding the campaign trail for a year to listen to the community, build name recognition and share my platform of bringing back vocational training, emphasizing citizenship, discipline and academic success. Visibility, Accountability and Communication are the keys to success. And so is credibility. The best way to solve problems is to build relationships. 

  I was the first and only candidate in this race to qualify by petition card process rather than paying over $1,500.00 to get my name put on the ballot. I was also the first to offically qualify to have my name placed on the ballot. I like to save money and get things done. No short cuts. 

I earned my Bachelor's Degree from Lake Erie College and Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State. I enjoy attending and presenting at education, parent support and business related conferences and symposiums.

My husband Fred and I are very proud of our 3 boys- all successful graduates of Marion County Public Schools. Two graduated with high and highest honors from Vanguard High School's IB Program and our youngest graduated from Westport High School's MECCA Program with Highest Honors. My parents just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary! They are my role models and my rocks. My father is a Veteran and from him I've learned that it's critical to remain focused on the mission. From my mom, I've learned the importance of family and what it takes to balance career, family, children and volunteering.

 I've been to Tallahassee and Washington DC multiple times to lobby on behalf of strengthening Public Education. I understand how complex the education budget is and I will continue to push for more local control of our education dollars just as I did in 2014 when I was Vice President of Marions United for Public Education. I'm so proud of the Bi-Partisan work we spearheaded that led to the passage of the 1 mil school funding referendum. With these dollars, monitored closely by a citizens oversight committee (ICROC), we restored Art, Music, PE, Librarians/Media Specialists, Vocational and met class size requirements mandated by the state for the first time where previously we were paying a fine for not complying. I fully support the renewal of this referendum which is on the primary ballot for all to vote on August 28th. In addition to maintaining the success of the programs the referendum already supports, school safety has been added. The dollars generated will fill the gap between what the state has mandated but has not funded for school safety.  

I'm also a small business owner. I understand the the value of a dollar and I was raised with a "Waste Not, Want Not" mentality. There's always opportunities to enhance services and save money. Owning and managing a small residential real estate business makes me understand that local businesses want and need high school graduates that are ready and willing to work.

I love supporting Marion Therapeutic Riding Association (MTRA), The Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Transitions Life Center (TLC) and the Guardian Ad Litem Programs to help and protect our most vulnerable Marion County children.

Thank you for your support and you can count on me to continue to be visible, accountable and communicative. After all, it's about our kids, our families and our community.

Early Voting starts August 18th through the 25th. Election Day is Tuesday, August 28th. All get to vote for all districts. Three out of the five seats are up for election. It's time for a new day on the School Board. I'm so excited to serve, the pay cut will be more than worth it! I humbly ask for your vote so I can take my experience along with my lifelong passion for Kids. Family. Community, to the Marion County School Board.



Nancy Thrower

Candidate for Marion County School Board

District 4

Find me on Facebook. Email me at Call-352-462-1783





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