Danny W Gay
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  • M5 6/10/2020
  • P1 6/19/2020
  • P2 7/3/2020
Candidate's Statement

Friends, Family, and Community Members,

With 23 years of experience in the financial industry, I have been fortunate enough to learn and excel in numerous positions. As a teller, debit card specialists, Merchant Service Rep., Branch Manager, and Market Retail Leader, I have the necessary qualifications for the position I seek as your future Tax Collector.

With vast knowledge in financial management and customer service, I know the importance of being more than a man behind a desk or a name above the door. I have not and do not expect my employees to know or do something, that I am not willing to put in the work for. I intend to continue my exemplary track record for hands on customer service and am eager to work for you.

I am a lifelong resident of Franklin County, married to my longtime wife Crystal and the father of our two girls, I have a vested interest to see our community excel and succeed. As the son of Betty and the late John Gay of Apalachicola, my roots and dedication to our area run deep. 

I am humbly requesting your vote in the upcoming election for Franklin County Tax Collector. Let my knowledge and experience work for you.

Remember: “This is your choice, your vote, and your voice.”

Note: The candidate's photograph and statement are supplied by the candidate and are not endorsed by the County Supervisor of Elections or checked for accuracy.
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