Madeline Marie Nevarez
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Candidate's Statement

Hello Franklin County Residents, 
 I'd like to introduce myself , my name is Madeline Nevarez and I'm running for Franklin County Commissioner District 5. I'd like to tell you about myself . I am a mother of 5 , grandmother of 5 , a wife , entrepreneur , strong willed & determined individual who is always ready to lend a helping hand . Our family had visited Carrabelle annually over the past decades , and my husband and I are proud to call Franklin County our home since 2005 . 
 As an entrepreneur , I started my first business n 1988 in Tennessee , with it being a success I was able to expand & invest in other businesses over the years . I sold that business in 2003 , my husband and I , along with 3 close friends started a company in Decatur , Al that involves detention services and supplies . This business is now in the top 10 for companies in this category on the East Coast.  
Being an entrepreneur , I have gained experience & knowledge financially to run a successful business . I see Franklin County as a business , I know I can run it as such with our help and your continued support . Our local Government should be bringing in businesses that will employ residents for the long term and should be making money for profit for the Residents of Franklin County . 

As your County Commissioner , I will work effortlessly for the people . I will make myself available to you when you need me . I will do my best to return calls and emails by day's end . I'm running for this position to help our community grow , and I will do everything I can to help Franklin County succeed and prosper . 
My top priorities as your County Commissioner are to focus on transparency , accountability , ethics , and to create a healthy economic development for the people . 
An Urgent care facility that our community is in dire need of will be my top priority when I am elected for the people . I plan to negotiate with Sacred Heart to achieve a facility for our community . The County cannot continue to invest millions of dollars into Weems because it is unable to support itself , therefor draining our economy .  

My second priority is to obtain grants to fund & build a Community Center which is vital for our community's future . A community Center will provide resources for everyone to utilize , such as vocational and trade courses , swimming pool & other amenities . I intend to reach out to Gulf Coast Community College to expand education courses in our area for our students & future adults to have a better opportunity to attend a  local college rather than them trying to find the financial means to travel to a campus . 
Other priorities include developing relations with a variety of diverse businesses so that moving forward we can have  long term jobs that will provide opportunities of retirement for the people . Affordable housing such as an Apartment Complex or Condominiums would allow residents to have a home life that they can afford . Honestly , we all know there isn't much available except for short term rentals .  

There is so much more I want to do for the betterment of our beautiful community , I know it can't all be done immediately  but I want to do everything I possibly can to see our community grow , succeed , & prosper . In the end , without you , I wouldn't have the job to best represent you ,a County Commissioner who works for the people ! 

I truly appreciate your support & encouragement I have received since committing to run for office . I know that because of your support , I will be successful in the position. I hope that I have your support in Electing me as your District 5 County Commissioner .  
 Thank you so much for this opportunity .
With best regards , 
Madeline Nevarez

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