Chris Miller
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Candidate's Statement

Volusia County Judge Chris Miller has been on the bench since March 1, 2018.  He was appointed to the office by then-Governor Scott to fill a vacancy created by a judicial retirement.  Judge Miller currently hears a wide variety of civil cases, including small claims matters, evictions, contract disputes, torts, insurance cases, as well as traffic court.  He works in the Deland Courthouse.  Since his appointment, Judge Miller has gained critical on-the-job experience by presiding over hundreds of hearings and trials, many of which involved self-represented litigants.  He also serves as the 7th Judicial Circuit’s representative to the statewide Conference of County Court Judges.  

Judge Miller earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and his law degree from Stetson University College of Law.  He excelled academically in college, and he was awarded the Victor O. Whele Award in law school, which recognizes outstanding students in trial advocacy.  This award was especially meaningful because Stetson is frequently ranked one of the top law schools in the entire country for trial advocacy training.  He also served on the Moot Court Board, and he was a Certified Legal Intern with the Public Defender’s Office in Clearwater.  

After graduating from law school, Judge Miller moved to Daytona Beach and started his career as a prosecutor in the State Attorney’s Office.  He rose through the ranks from the misdemeanor division all the way to the homicide unit, with stops along the way in the drug trafficking unit, career criminal unit, and was a mentor to younger attorneys he supervised.  As a prosecutor, Judge Miller tried 70 jury trials, including several first degree murder cases throughout the 7th Judicial Circuit, and prosecuted over 5,000 cases during his tenure.  

Judge Miller also worked in private practice at a small civil litigation law firm in Daytona Beach handling insurance cases.  That work allowed Judge Miller to travel around the State of Florida to Miami, Tampa and Orlando.  It afforded him the opportunity to observe different judicial styles throughout the State, experiences he draws from frequently now as a county judge.  

Judge Miller is married to Katherine, who is also an attorney.  Together, they have one daughter Elizabeth and one yellow lab puppy Archie and several pairs of very chewed-up shoes.  Judge Miller enjoys playing golf, traveling, and cooking.  He is active in community organizations such as Rotary, Volusia Flagler Association for Women Lawyers, Teen Court, Dunn Blount Inn of Court, and his church St. Barnabas Episcopal Church.  


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