Kenneth Robinson
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Contact Information

303 N 30th St
Fort Pierce, FL - 34947
Candidate's Statement

Kenneth Lee “Kenny” Robinson is an International Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Speaker. A native of Fort Pierce. Born January 1982 at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in the beautiful city of Fort Pierce, Florida. Kenny is the youngest of seven children. Not long after Kenny was born, his parents divorced. This left his mom in a difficult situation, trying to now provide for her 7 children on her own. So they moved to the only area she could afford. Kenny grew up in the Housing Authority developments of Fort Pierce on 31st and Ave. L, along with his six siblings.

Kenny states, "I recall my mother working multiple jobs, from picking fruit, cleaning the elderly, cleaning others homes, and etc. No job was off limit to mom. She would do whatever it took to take care of her children. Even in our struggles, I remember fun the times of playing throw-up-the-ball-get-tackled or hide-and-seek in the fields, muff and marbles in the streets, and climbing the fence along the canal picking berries with grocery bags. As kid, I didn't know we were poor until the some girls at elementary school begin to pick at me. In hindsight, it gave me an even greater respect for my mom because she did her best. I ensure I remind her that her best was enough for me. Later, we would relocate to 29th and Dunbar Street in my teens."

Kenny credits his mother’s strong faith for keeping him and his siblings on the right path. He received his education in the St. Lucie County public school system. Kenny learned his work ethic from watching his mom. In middle school he began selling candy bars to other student to make money. Then at the age of 16 he began his first job working for KFC. Kenny states that it was the witness of his mom's strength in the midst of her adversity that shaped him into the man he has become today. He quotes, “at a young age I promised myself that I would always be there for my children and that I would strive to be the type of husband I had wished for my mother." It was in high school chorus class that Kenny meet Roneeka, his now wife of 17 years, as of Dec. 28, 2019. Together they are the proud parents of 5 beautiful children. He attends Bass Temple in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Kenny states, "I was born is this city, raised in this city, educated in this city, married in this city, attend church in this city, currently live in this city and I am now raising my own family in this city. Therefore, Fort Pierce is not just another city to me but it's my heartbeat. And now I'm looking to represent this city. I'm not a career politician, but a simply a young man who desires to better his community.

Kenny attended college at Indian River State College in Fort Pierce and Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. He began his studies in Architecture and then later transitioning into Business and Administration. He has worked as a professional model for Q-Models in Hollywood, California prior to returning to Fort Pierce in 2006. Kenny is now a Billboard Charting Gospel Recording Artist, who is recognized around the nation and various countries. He is known by the nickname, "Son of Fort Pierce". Kenny seeks to be an example for the youth in our community and worldwide. Proving, that no matter what your life circustances may be, you can attain any dream you set your mind to acheive. So, he travels the country speaking and sharing his story of how a child from the projects of Fort Pierce grew to fulfill his dreams.

Kenny is also an advocate for military veterans. He primarily volunteers with "Building Homes for Heroes" which provides mortgage-free homes to wounded veterans.He also volunteers for various veteran organizations and events. Kenny Robinson authored the powerful song called, "HERO", which he was inspired to write as an tribute of encouragement to the U.S. Armed Services men and women. Kenny quotes: "It is because of the work which they perform, we are all allowed to practice whatever faith we have freely, and mine is in Jesus Christ. I owe them my gratitude." "HERO" has touched the hearts and lives of many U.S. veterans to which Kenny and his wife Roneeka provide copies of the song freely to our veterans wherever they go. Kenny Robinson was featured on CBS News for his work and song “HERO” in a special segment called "Extraordinary Persons".(Click here Kenny's CBS Interview) (click here “HERO” YouTube link)

Kenny states, “I was determined not to be a statistic. My life circumstances fits the conditions which generally cultivates a troubled young man. We were poor, in a single parent home, absent father figure, and lived in a troubled neighborhood. But I was determined to defy the odds. Now I want to be that example to my children, plus other young men and women in my community to look up to, because I can identify with the struggles they are facing."

#NewVision2020 #SonOfFortPierce

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