Vicki Drake
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7076 Ramoth Dr.
Jacksonville, FL - 32226
Candidate's Statement

Vicki Drake was elected to the Duval County School Board in 2002. She represents District 6, and is currently Vice-Chair of the Board. Vicki has served on several local PTA boards and on several School Advisory Councils since 1988. In 1996, Vicki was elected as President of the Duval County Council of PTAs. She was re-elected to that position again in 1997. She was also elected to three consecutive terms as Chair of the District Advisory Council. She wrote and taught the School Advisory Council Training Module; and created the School Advisory Council Handbook to give parents information about serving on these important advisory councils. She has worked as a consultant to Duval County Schools. She was the Association Manger for the Florida Association of Partners in Education. Vicki actively attended School Board meetings and workshops for 8 years prior to her election to the School Board. This allowed her to be informed and educated on all the issues that affect the children of Duval County. Since her election she has continued her training. She has achieved Certified Board Member status and has also qualified as a Master Board Member. She has served on the Jacksonville Children’s Commission and has served as a member of the City Council Growth Management Committee. Vicki is committed to developing a school district that will educate every child to their fullest potential. She believes that we must draw the best teachers to our districts. One way is to continue to raise teacher salaries. Another way is to provide professional development for teachers that is timely and relevant. This is critical to retaining teachers in our county. Our schools must be safe places. Vicki supports principals that take a \"no-nonsense\" approach to discipline. Vicki has worked hard to build new schools in her rapidly growing district and will continue planning for new schools in these high growth areas. Vicki and Donald have been married 32 years. They are active members of First Coast Christian Center where they have been members for 23 years. They have three sons who have all graduated from Duval County Schools. They also have one granddaughter. \"Political advertisement paid for and approved by Vicki Drake for School Board District 6.\"
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